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Miesha & The Spanks Deliver Potent Garage Rock with ‘Atmosphere’

Hailing from Calgary is the exciting duo Miesha & The Spanksw, who are definitely delivering a high dose of garage rock the way it should be executed. Having worked with drummer and producer Danny Farrant of The Buzzcocks on their ‘Stranger’ EP back in 2016, the Canadian outfit are set to release their forthcoming album ‘Girls Girls Girls’ this year. One of the songs taken from the new record is their hard rocking track ‘Atmosphere’. Raw to the core, flaring guitar riffs, coinciding with power drumming is the backbone to pop-style stadium chanting hooks and early stage love lyrics.

Stream QWAM’s Latest EP ‘Feed Me’

Brooklyn band QWAM have released their new EP ‘Feed Me’. Comprised of five cuts orchestrated during late night NYC excursions, high-octane rhythms sound off like sirens in the distance as singer Felicia Lobo’s ‘tell it like it is’ delivery is aided by rapid fire guitars, thunderous drumming and interestingly enough, sing-along choruses. Incorporating the sound of classic NYC punk, this is a soundtrack to those gritty nights in a dark venue where the music is loud and being who you are is nothing short of celebrated.

Straylings’ New Track ‘Umpteenth’ is Irresistible

London-based duo Straylings have been a little quite since releasing their 2016 record ‘We Gather We Take Shape’. However, back in a big way, the band have unleashed their new song ‘Umpteenth’ which is definitely a tidal wave of a tune. Fostering a psychedelic/garage rock/sun-pop concoction, the pair elegantly tie together the sounds of late 60s – early 70s rock with the now, making ‘Umpteenth’ an incredible come back. ‘Umpteenth’ is out now via Deadpan Records. Have a listen. Read more […]

Listen to PARKER’s Hot Single ‘Doubles’

London singer PARKER has been moving on the scene for a few years now. Kicking in the door with early tracks like ‘Night Flights’ and ‘Boy’, the artist makes her return with a fierce single titled ‘Doubles’. Stripped back in all the right ways, the seductive blues rock meets soul is an excellent comeback and follow-up from her previous dark pop track ‘Runs & Rides’. Stream ‘Doubles’ below. Read more […]

Listen to Basement Bout’s Fiery Punk Cut ‘Another Night’

Big stadium vocal pop isn’t the only thing coming out of the country of Sweden. There are definitely bands bringing forth a gritter sound of rock & roll as well. Basement Bout are a group hailing from Växjö who are firing off with garage, punk sound that is raw and ripping. Their new single ‘Another Night’ harks back to the golden era of late 70s punk rock, driven by a raging energy that is truly exciting. You can check out ‘Another Night’ down at the bottom. Read more […]

Listen to L.A. Witch’s ‘Drive Your Car’

With their self-titled debut LP forthcoming September on 8th Suicide Squeeze Records, punk band L.A. Witch have shared another track taken from the LP. Their latest cut ‘Drive Your Car’ is a smoked-out and hazy dash of garage rock and punk, equipped with reverb-splashed vocals and sun-filled guitars, something that fans have grown to expect from the Los Angeles-based trio. Touching on the song, “‘Drive Your Car’ was written about power and being in control. I borrowed my ex boyfriend’s Read more […]

The Darts to Release New LP ‘Me.Ow’

Garage/punk foursome The Darts have announced the release of their forthcoming LP ‘Me.Ow’, out Septmeber 30th via Dirty Water Records. The record follows their debut self-titled EP which dropped in October of last year. Having already conquered ground in both America and Europe, the new album will be available in digital format as well as a pre-order package which features a 12″ pink vinyl, polaroid photos and a poster. The record continues their steamy style of fuzz-packed psychedelic and garage Read more […]

L.A. Witch Share Their New Track Titled ‘Baby in Blue Jeans’

Next month will see the releasing of L.A. Witch’s self-titled debut LP landing via Suicide Squeeze Records. Having already shared their song ‘Untitled’ a month ago, the Los Angeles-based trio have stepped up with another single called ‘Baby in Blue Jeans’. The wooing garage rock/punk tune, soaked with vocals dipped in reverb and hazy guitar riffs, would be the ultimate soundtrack for a drive throughout the dreamy California desert. You can listen to the song below. Read more […]

Listen to Earth Girl Helen Brown’s ‘Flower Of Darkness’

If the music of Canadian-born, Georgia-raised singer Earth Girl Helen Brown sounds like a nomadic engulfing of styles, that would probably be due to the fact that she has trekked around the U.S. in a gypsy like manner, not to mention living in a mountaintop of Alaska. What has culminated as an aritst is an interesting mix of psych meets pop meets garage rock with an Americana sensibility that literally sounds like an entity on to itself.