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Stream Darwish’s ‘This City’

London multi-instrumentalist and singer Darwish boasts a CV that includes playing for Sting, Imelda May and more. However, as a solo act, his music explodes with sheer vibrancy. Having presented his jazzy song ‘No Intention To Fall’ last year, Darwish has now shared his latest tune ‘This City’. Whilst embedded with a heavy jazz backing, he pushes the sound into more experimental territory, fusing afro-beat guitar riffs, twisting synths and thick funk bass lines into the mix. The song will be featured on Darwish’s upcoming EP, with his debut album ‘Reclamation’ following next year. You can stream ‘This City’ down at the bottom.

Shigeto Shares Latest Single ‘Don’t Trip’

Detroit’s Shigeto is set to release his new album ‘The New Monday’ on October 6th via Ghostly International. Inspired by his hometown of ‘The D’, the producer has unveiled a new single titled ‘Don’t Trip’. Fusing soulful and jazz-based keys with funk, all driven by hard-hitting tribal drums, this cut is definitely for those who want to zone out. Have a listen.

Stream Bokito’s New Single ‘Aloof’

London-based band Bokito have shared their impactful single ‘Aloof’. High-spirited with an embedding of afro-beat, funk, psychedelic and more, the track is a personal examination of the feeling that one’s home will never be as it was previously. The global nature within the production truly drives the lyrics straight to the mind and soul. ‘Aloof’ is currently out now via Lost In The Manor Records. Check it out. Read more […]

Shy Luv Delve Deep into the Funk with ‘First Fires’

Manchester duo Shy Luv are aiming at making you dance for the summer with their latest single ‘First Fires’. Bridging together a heavy dose of funk and disco with dance, the track is peppered with an upbeat 80s groove that will have you running to the dance floor. Stream ‘First Fires’ down below. Read more […]

Stream Art Feynman’s Vibrant ‘Can’t Stand It’

Art Feynman continues his magical collage of worldy sounds with his new single ‘Can’t Stand It’. A percussive rumbling and lo-fi mixture of Highlife, funk and offbeat jazz, the tune is a cultural carnival on influences finely crafted into one brilliant package. The song is taken from Feynman’s forthcoming album ‘Blast Off Through The Wicker’, out July 14 via Western Vinyl. Check it out.

The Penelopes Share Their Sexy Single ‘Mulholland Drive’

Let’s call it what it is, the Parisians simply know how to make sexy synth-pop and disco-filled cuts that reign supreme. Now in regards to France-originated, now London-based group The Penelopes, they can surely be added to the list having dropped a slew of fantastic records for years now. Their latest single ‘Mulholland Drive’ captures the very essence of a great synth-pop bit, sprinkled with dabs of 80s funk. If you put together an exclusive party with some of the most gorgeous people, this Read more […]

Parcels Share Their Daft Punk-Produced Single ‘Overnight’

You know you’re doing something right when music giants Daft Punk produce your next single. This would be the scenario with Parcels, whose ‘Hideout’ EP was a sexy deal of poolside pop that is the ultimate summer listen. Their latest track ‘Overnight’ is no exception to the rules. Delivering a golden touch of disco and funk, this Daft Punk/Parcels combo fit like a hand in glove with the tune being a season anthem. Check it out.

Park Hotel Unveil Their Latest Disco-Driving Single ‘Going West’

Park Hotel hit the mark with their debut single ‘Gone As A Friend’. Fusing together the glorious sounds of disco, punk and funk, the London duo now unveil the follow-up cut titled ‘Going West’. Keeping the disco flames burning bright, the song moves with sleek, cosmic synths and steamy guitar riffs, making it our new addiction. With the spirit of Talking Heads flying around the tune, Park Hotel is yet again spot on the money with this one! Have a listen. Read more […]

Shy Luv Bring the Funk with ‘Time’

Following their ‘Shock Horror’ EP released earlier this year, Shy Luv make their return bringing a heavy dose of funk, electro and pop with their latest single ‘Time’. Fun and vibrant, the synth-driven cut is the perfect introduction to the summer. Incorporating the flute to coincide with upbeat vocals, Shy Luv is spot on the mark with this utterly feel good recording. Have a listen.

The Vex Share Their Latest Single ‘Living In The’

With a punk/garage boldness coupled with the up-bounce rock steady guitar riffs, London band The Vex have managed to capture a distinct period of 80s culture blending with their new track ‘Living In The’. Whilst their 2016 EP ‘Heavy Rocksteady’ was heavily steeped in Jamaican reggae textures, ‘Living In The’ adds a funk swing to the production, peppering their already gumbo mixture of goodness with even more spice. The song is taken from The Vex’s self-titled EP, forthcoming on the 21st of April via Lost In The Manner.