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Duendita Shares Her Warming Single ‘Pray’

NYC-based singer Duendita has an old soul swarming around in her young body. With touching baritone vocals, the Queens native shares her lifting single ‘Pray’. Stripped back and organically warming acoustics provide the backdrop, allowing Duendita to give thanks whilst motivating others to love one another before the days come to an end. You can stream ‘Pray’ down below. Read more […]

South London’s Luca Makes His Debut with the Cinematic ‘Wales’

South London singer Luca makes a grand debut with his breath-taking new single ‘Wales’. Poetical lyrics combined with Leonard Cohen-esque story telling, soar alongside the sky dancing, cinematic production which is nothing short of spectacular. Currently working with producer Dan Brown on his forthcoming LP, Luca definitely has our full attention. Touching on the single, Luca mentioned: “‘Wales’ is the story of not being quite ready when you find the thing you truly love, and just missing Read more […]

Lucy Rose ‘End Up Here’ Video

Having gone to America to tour with the mod father himself Paul Weller, Lucy Rose has shared the video for her tune ‘End Up Here’, which is a bonus cut recorded whilst working on her album ‘Something’s Changing’. The visuals feature Rose struggling to go to sleep on a couch which is presumably an ex lover’s or perhaps a current one. After continuous tossing and turning, it becomes clear that sleeping is just not in her agenda for the night. Have a look.

Stream Tuvaband’s New EP ‘Mess’

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Olso-based duo Tuvaband have shared a stream of their new EP titled ‘Mess’. Mixing a hybrid of dream folk with cinematic pop, the six-song release flows with a natural purity, reflected in the organic process in which they approaced the record. Included on the new work is the tender track ‘Trees’, which the band shared last month.

Stream Susanna’s ‘Go Dig My Grave’

Norwegian artist Susanna will release her new album ‘Go Dig My Grave’ February 9th on her SusannaSonata imprint. Collaborating with musicians Giovanna Pessi and Ida Hidle, as well as singer Tuva Syvertsen, the acts redo a wide array of songs spanning multiple genres for a unique listening experience.

Stream Tuvaband’s Indie Folk Song ‘Trees’

Tuvaband have shared their latest single ‘Trees’, taken from their upcoming debut EP landing in November. Delivering a slice of commentary regarding how we treat the environment, the song is a tender and gorgeous indie folk piece produced without drums, yet rather lush piano play and Laura Marling’s unique and distinct vocals. ‘Trees’ is out now via Brilliance Records. Touching on ‘Trees’, Tuvaband stated: “The song was recorded in two apartments across the Norwegian capital, Oslo, and Read more […]

Listen to Fenne Lily’s ‘Three Oh Nine’

Known for her tender acoustics, Fenne Lily steps up with a band, creating a larger sound for her new track ‘Three Oh Nine’. The haunting production, open and spacious, is driven by gentle keys, a heavy, thick bassline and light drums, all swirling around Lily’s heavenly vocals. Fenne Lily is also gearing up for a string of tour dates with Siv Jakobsen, Sivu, and Paul Thomas Saunders. Check the dates below for citie and venues. Wed Oct 4 – Shrewsbury, Henry Tudor House Thu Oct 5 – Read more […]

Listen to Lauran Hibberd’s ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’

Whilst there is a youthful spirit bubbling within Lauran Hibberd’s music, there is something also extremely mature, approaching her art with a skilled craftsman who has been recording for ages. Her latest single ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’ is a brilliant and shining example of Hibberd’s playful vocal delivery placed on top of upbeat indie folk production that simply makes you feel the utmost of warmth inside.

Listen to Siv Jakobsen’s Tender Cut ‘Berry & Whythe’

Norwegian singer Siv Jakobsen has shared her latest single ‘Berry & Whythe’. Approaching the tune in a gentle and organic manner, the marriage of indie and folk is seamlessly sewn as Jakobsen paints a vivid picture of her time spent in New York City. In a press statement regarding the song, Siv Jakobsen wrote: “This is written as a retrospective look on my time living in Brooklyn, New York. I lived on Metropolitan Avenue, between Berry Street and Whythe Street – and this song sort of transports Read more […]