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ColoRising Interview with Hero Fisher

Hero Fisher is not just an artist whose memorable birth name implies a destiny of greatness, yet rather one that has already begun to show the world her majestic creativity through music, as well as visuals. Her voice is beyond gorgeous with a vivid and imaginative songwriting ability that has been compared to the likes of giants such as Leonard Cohen. Based in London, the Parisian-raised act confidently defies the idea of music genres, creating more of a soundscape that is fitting to the mood of her story. The package is a weaving journey that is powerfully driven, and one where the listener comfortably submits to Fisher’s command of the destination.

Kristeen Young ‘Catland’ Video

There is something quite mischievous about cats. But if there was ever a kingdom ruled by felines, then Kristeen Young’s latest single ‘Catland’ will definitely be the national anthem. With that being said, Young has revealed the video for the track which is directed by Brian McClelland. If you can imagine a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland with a load of kids wearing cat masks, then you have kindly begun the process into the rolling down that trippy rabbit hole of the Young’s world of experimentalism.

Husky Loops Share Their Electrifying Track ‘Fighting Myself’

Originally from Italy but currently based in London, Husky Loops are a trio who first made their entry in the beginning of 2016 with the guitar-driving track ‘Dead’. The group now return with their new song ‘Fighting Myself’ which sits somewhere between post-punk, the avant garde sounds of Gray, experimental jazz and alternative. Whilst that may seem like a stir of a mixture, Husky Loops are doing it impressively well, making them a sure stand-out at the moment. Currently out now, we have a stream Read more […]

Listen to Mara’s Latest Single ‘Pool’

Based in Sydney, musician and singer Mara jumped into the scene with her 2014 LP ‘Get Lost in the Night’. Following up with her ‘COvers’ EP and more, she is now poised to release her forthcoming album ‘liquid’ on October 20th. The first track taken from the LP is the airy piece ‘Pool’. Using a minimalist and lo-fi palette whilst delivering floating vocals, the song is available for streaming, which you can check out down below. Have a listen.

Beißpony ‘Hell Must Be A Radio Station’ Video

German experimental punk group Beißpony bring forth their latest video for the track ‘Hell Must Be A Radio Station’. Aside from the title being one of the best in the world, the video itself is was actually shot in Austin, Texas after SXSW. Resembling something similar to experimental performance art, there are clips of the girls doing things like dancing and banging hi-hats on the roof of a house and swinging a megaphone by a river. With that being said, we have to say that this is one of the Read more […]

Check Out Bipolar Sunshine’s ‘Aesthetics 1.0’ Mixtape

Adio Marchant aka Bipolar Sunshine teams up with Jazz Purple for the musical rollercoaster mixtape Aesthetics 1.0. Breezing through everything from moody soul to experimental Hip-Hop, this offering is a teaser before the release of Bipolar Sunshine’s anticipated LP Daydreamer, landing Feb. 1st. Although you can’t download this mixtape via Soundcloud or what have you, Marchant did make it available to stream via YouTube which you can check out below. Read more […]