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EMA Shares Her Tune ‘Dark Shadows’

We have been a supporter of EMA for a little while now. With her new EP ‘Outtakes From Exile’ out February 2nd via City Slang, she has shared the second single from the upcoming release. ‘Dark Shadows’ is a bold taste of post-punk with EMA presenting a smokey delivery as the haunting instrumentation creates a sense of urgency.

EMA Unveils Her Post-Punk-Driven Single ‘MopTops (Twist While The World Stops)’

Having dropped her EP ‘Exile In The Outer Ring’ earlier this year, EMA is now prepping for her next record ‘Outtakes From Exile’, out February 2nd via City Slang. The first offering from the upcoming EP is her stark post-punk song ‘MopTops (Twist While The World Stops)’. Spacious with a rotating bass line and haunting, streaking guitar riffs, EMA’s ghostly vocals provide a particular chill that is utterly effective and undoutedly gripping.

EMA Shares Her Epic Single ‘Blood and Chalk’

EMA will release her album ‘Exile in the Outer Ring’ August 25th on the City Slang label. With a number of high-powered tracks already under her belt, the now shares her new single ‘Blood and Chalk’. What could only be described as one epic pop offering powered by monumental production and EMA’s smokey vocal style, she has definitely elevated the levels to new heights.

EMA Shares Her New Single ‘Down & Out’

EMA deals with the very important topic of the perception of worth based on finances in her new track ‘Down & Out’. Using minimal indie pop production as the backdrop, EMA’s mellow vocals help to deliver this meaningful message that many can relate to. ‘Down & Out’ is taken from her upcoming LP ‘Exile In The Outer Ring’, out August 25th on City Slang Records.

EMA ‘Breathalyzer’ Video

EMA unveils the video for her haunting single ‘Breathalyzer’. Directed by Alicia Gordon, the story revolves around a girl and a girl riding in the backseat of a car whilst getting blasted out of their mind on drugs. Eventually the girl gets out of the car to find a restroom, eventually having to face herself and deal with her choices.

EMA Shares Her Powerful Single ‘Aryan Nation’

Never one to shy away from important political or sociological topics, Portland-based artist Erika M. Anderson aka EMA makes her return with another slice of commentary with her new track ‘Aryan Nation’. Placing a spotlight on places in Middle America where anger towards others has been manifested through hard times resulting in a twisted form of patriotism, the song is taken from EMA’s forthcoming LP ‘Exile In The Outer Ring’, out August 25 via City Slang Records. Below is a lyric video of the track which was created by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson.