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Elliphant “Elliphant EP” stream

Stockholm’s Ellinor Olovsdotter, better known as Elliphant, splashed into listeners’ physche with her songs, “Ciant Hear It” and “Down On Life”, while simultaneously garnishing praises from publications such as Dazed & Confused, NME and more. The Swedish artist has now unveiled her “Elliphant EP” which features “Make It Juicy” and a jungle remix of “Ciant Hear It”. You can listen to the stream below. Read more […]

Elliphant “Down On Life”

Hailing from Sweden is Ellinor Olovsdotter aka Elliphant whose latest video “Down On Life” is pretty addictive. It features her and her crew riding horses on the beach, laying on ice and looking aggressively sultry in water. The clip is directed by Tim Erem. Read more […]