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Esther Joy Shares Her Haunting Cut ‘Samgel’

Having released ethereal electronica that would be seminal during the time of dusk, London-based Esther Joy has ventured further into the darker side of sound with her new track ‘Samgel’. Led by fuzzy, shifting synths and hard-hitting drums, the huskiness of the production is balanced with Joy’s haunting style of vocals. The tune is taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Psychic Tears’, which is out August 11th.

ColoRising Mixes 31: Rein

An intense energy is what Stockholm’s Rein brings to the table. Using the sounds of electro, punk and digital hardcore to deliver messages containing political and social overtones, the fiery artist released her debut self-titled EP last year, shaking the music industry whilst gaining multiple praises internationally. Nominated for a 2017 P3 Guld Award, Rein’s latest EP entitled ‘FREEDOOM’ is a harder hit to the matrix, tackling subjects such as sexism, racism, capitalism and more. One of the most potent recordings currently on the market, Rein is here to do more than just make you dance, but rather spark the fire for change.