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CC Honeymoon Interview

If the music of his previous band Virgin Kids represented a sonic explosion of youthful urgency pushed by fiery punk and garage rock, as a solo artist CC Honeymoon’s current sound is an introspective journey examining love, lust and more, powered by seducing pop, electro and new wave rhythms that are hypnotically gripping. Having released his lush debut single ‘Part Time View’ actually under the moniker of CC Honeymoon a couple months back, his follow-up track ‘In The Night’ is a hedonistic and passionate voyage into the experience of the physical connections between two. What could be the soundtrack of a dark, exclusive club full of erotic activities or just a room in a flat where two bodies meet, the song is a pleasurable trek through image-provoking sound. In a way, CC Honeymoon reflects the idea of liberation – a freedom to organically create, a freedom to be that of the most organic and pure. Only just the beginning of this musical travel as a solo act, we’re all up for taking the ride.

Chromeo ft. Toro y Moi “Come Alive” Video

Chromeo draws inspiration from the movie “Mannequin” for their video “Come Alive” featuring Toro y Moi. Basically, Dave 1 gets stood up by a date while sitting in front of a store, when magically the doors to the storefront opens up with a hot girl inviting him in. All of the mannequins transform into beautiful dancing women, while P-Thugg, who plays the sleeping security guard wakes up in disbelief. Chaz Bundick aka Toro y Moi, plays the janitor in the video, with him and Dave 1 each making Read more […]

Stream Chromeo’s “Over Your Shoulder”

After releasing a trailer teaser to their forthcoming album “White Women”, the Canadian duo Chromeo now gives us a full version of the song “Over Your Shoulder”, which was featured in the clip. No strangers to funk, the new tune is a full blast into the sound of sexy disco. Read more […]