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Gulp Share Their Dreamy Single ‘Morning Velvet Sky’

Comprised of Guto Pryce and Lindsey Leven, Cardiff-based duo Gulp have released a number of dreamy pop meets psychedelic cuts over the past few years. Their new single ‘Morning Velvet Sky’ is no exception. Taking elements of 90s indie club, the tune is a lifting and stimulating piece of music that raises your soul to the heavens. Mixed by none other than Luke Abbot, ‘Morning Velvet Sky’ will be featured on Gulp’s forthcoming album slated for 2018. Have a listen. Read more […]

Jennie Vee Shares Her New Single ‘Hospital Bed’

Bassist Jennie Vee spends her time navigating between recording solo material and playing with Eagles of Death Metal. Releasing her debut album ‘Spying’ back in 2015, the Canadian-born artist will not drop her new EP ‘Suffer’ on September 22nd via WaxRomantix Records. ‘Hospital Bed’, the first single from the upcoming record, is a guitar-heavy dealing of shoegaze and garage/punk fitting firmly together in a tight package with Vee’s vocal melodies adding a touch of pop to the tune. We have a stream of ‘Hospital Bed’ which you can check out down at the bottom.

ColoRising Interview with Dumb Lovers

If you stripped away the best elements of pop, new wave, post-punk, art rock and even a dash of indie, stir them around in pot and serve them as one consolidated dish on a plate, what you would get is the music of Bournemouth band Dumb Lovers. Comprised of Megan Rees and Robin Clark, their sound is sheer audible sexiness with the possibility of soundtracking everything from hedi underground clubs to runway shows. Their fashionable presence command instant attention with each member also being skilled visual artists. Dumb Lovers truly provide a full listening and visual experience.

Best Ex ‘See You Again’ Video

Having released three studio albums, Candy Hearts have now moved on to the next stage of their career by changing their name altogether. Now recording under Best Ex, the group dropped their EP ‘Ice Cream Anti Social’ last month via Alcopop! Records. Now delivering the visual treatment to their song ‘See You Again’, the Glenn Harvey-shot video features singer Mariel Loveland basically enjoying life in New York City.

Stream Majken’s New LP ‘Dancing Mountains’

Danish-born and raised, now L.A.-based artist Majken have released her debut LP ‘Dancing Mountains’. Having previously shared the single and video ‘Here And Now’, the new record straddles between dreamy pop and lo-fi indie, organically created as Majken takes listeners on a soaring journey through heartbreaks and the small moments of peace. Written between Los Angeles, Paris and by the Nordic Fjord, the album features production by Jesse Nolan and Maxime Sokolinski.

Emmecosta Have Released Their New EP ‘Velour’

Emmecosta have dropped their new ‘Velour’ EP via the Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art. The four-song release finds the trio delving deep into the seductive and atmospheric brand of pop that first caught the ears of fans and the press back in 2016. The new record is a soundtrack to the night with imagination of the unknown running as a theme throughout. An ear-grabbing and captivating release, ‘Velour’ will have you mentally trekking into a realm of enjoyable mystery.

Violet Sands ‘Drive’ Video

Brooklyn band Violet Sands have shared their latest video ‘Drive’, directed by Christian Haberkern. The visuals feature the leading character, played by Julia Vasi, navigating throughout a futuristic setting, eventually trekking into a hotel. Holding a key to the mysterious room 124, Vasi slowly unlocks the door, only you don’t quite get to see who or what is behind it. You’ll more than likely have to wait for the next video to find out the surprise. Check it out. Read more […]

Inner Tongue ‘Dig Deeper’ Video

Vienna artist Inner Tongue made a grand mark with his 2015 EP ‘Tz,Ka’. Receiving loads of accolades in the press for his dreamy, otherworldly music, he is now prepping for the release of his debut album arriving next year. Setting this off with his first single taken from the new record is the video for his latest single ‘Dig Deeper’. Directed by Patrick Sturm and Markus Hornof, the visuals feature people behind a transparent yet hazy covering as purple lighting help to create an entrancing atmosphere and mood.

Listen to Swimming Tapes’ ‘What’s On Your Mind’

London’s Swimming Tape have built up a strong reputation for spawning some of the dreamiest indie tunes around. Havings shared their track ‘Queen’s Parade’ a couple months back, the band return with their latest soothing single ‘What’s On Your Mind’. Like the feeling of a gentle ocean breeze, the the lush soundscape is roped with delicate melodies and sun-soaked guitar liners that put you in the most comforting state. ‘What’s On Your Mind’ is out via B3SCI Records/Hive Records. Have a listen. Read more […]

ColoRising Mixes 32: Griff Lynch

Aside from having recorded amazing music with the Welsh band Yr Ods, Griff Lynch has continued to create cultural bridges, performing songs in his native language, reeling listeners into the utterly magnificent offerings from the beautiful Wales land. Musically gliding between everything ranging from indie to electronica, it would do injustice to try to pin Griff Lynch down to any one specific box. However, his flawless tying between sometimes not so happy themes with contrasting, vibrant rhythms is a part of the listening wonder.