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Stream Mars Motel’s ‘Living In The Moment’

NYC band Mars Motel soundtracks the spirit of youth and the coming of age in their new single ‘Living In The Moment’. Using sky-lifting instrumentation to create a dreamy and plush soundscape, their is a gentle yet entrancing roping upon seconds of listening, fostering a sense of nostalgia.

Stream Deux Trois’ Brilliant Debut ‘Late Night Girls’

Canadian trio Deux Trois is comprised of Nadia Pacey, Ben Webb and Benjamin Nelson. Having all established themselves in separate bands, this new project treads between steamy alternative and nocturnal pop. According to Deux Trois, their new single ‘Late Night Girls’ is about those lonely evenings of masturbation and porn. Whilst obviously this can be interpreted literally or metaphorically, the song creates a juxtaposition of modern day pop music which tends to regurgitate topics hyper-sexuality. Read more […]

Our Girl Unveil Their Dreamy Track ‘I Really Like It’

Back in 2015 London trio Our Girl dropped their ‘Sleeper’ 7″ release via Cannibal Hymn. Straddling between dream pop and garage rock, the band continued to drop some killer cuts over a two year span.

Making their return, Our Girl have shared their latest cut titled ‘I Really Like It’. Combining the best of alternative, pop and a bit of noise, the track transitions from warm and hazy instrumentation to an eruption of flaming guitar riffs, sparking an epic build up. This is definitely a lovely presenation from Our Girl. Have a listen.

Listen to Sharaya Summers’ ‘Easy Life’

Making her grand debut with the track ‘Light of the Moon’, followed by the sun-filled tracks ‘Haunted’ and ‘Wonder’, L.A.-based singer Sharaya Summers returns with her new single ‘Easy Life’. The hazy desert-tinged mix of indie, dream pop and blues rock is a warm stroke of calming guitar play whilst Summers woos the listener with smokey vocal grips. ‘Easy Life’ is essential listening for those long west coast road trips. Check it out. Read more […]

Listen to Belle Mare’s Infectious Tune ‘Liars’

There have been a slew of great bands coming out of Brooklyn over the past number of years. Belle Mare are among that pack who have been releasing brilliant recordings for literally five years. Comprised of Amelia Bushell and Thomas Servidone, their latest work is the melodic track ‘Liars’. Encompassing everything from alternative to psychedelic with a added peppering of dream pop, this moody and utterly atmospheric cut is an audible journey of pure pleasure. Check it out. Read more […]

Ulrika Spacek Unveil Their New Tune ‘Lord Luck’

Ulrika Spacek will release their new EP ‘Suggestive Listening’ on April 21st via the Tough Love imprint. They have also shared their latest single ‘Lord Luck’ which will be featured on the upcoming record. Organically warm with sun-soaked vocals and soothing guitar riffs, the track is perfectly fitting for a fun-filled Summer day. Have a listen.

Mint Field ‘Quiero Otoño De Nuevo’ Video

Tijuana-based duo Mint Field are a musical pair who should definitely be on your radar. With their debut LP ‘Pasar De Las Luces’ landing Feb 23rd on Innovative Leisure, these girls are delivering excellent psych, shoegaze and dream pop sounds. Their latest single ‘Quiero Otoño de Nuevo’ is a perfect reflection of these styles whipped into one exciting package.

Mint Field have also shared the video to ‘Quiero Otoño de Nuevo’. The visuals feature a guy who facilitates the imagery on billboards, eventually finding himself struggling to remove a message that has now popped up on the screen, broadcasting it to the the outside world. You definitely wouldn’t want to be in his position! And for the record, pressing the ESC button on the keyboard clearly doesn’t always solve the problem. Have a look.

Hatchie ‘Sure’ Video

Rising Australian star Hatchie has unleashed the video for her current single ‘Sure’. Directed by Joe Agius, Hatchie performs the song with a band whilst surrounded by multiple televisions flickering about. The dreamy track itself comes simultaneously with the news of her signing to Heavenly Recordings. There is also an upcoming EP sliding down the pipeline.

Kraków Loves Adana ‘Rapture’ Video

Anyone who is a product of the 80s and early 90s will remember the importance of the cassette tape and the Sony Walkman. A key component to the state of music listening mobility, Hamburg-based band Kraków Loves Adana return with a dedication the cassette tape titled ‘Rapture’. Taken from their forthcoming LP ‘Songs After The Blue’, the duo have also shared a video for the single. Directed by Ebba Ågren, the video features the stylishly dressed singer Deniz Cicek moving about town whilst listening to the classic Walkman, as well as dancing in joy.

Tango With Lions Release Their New Album ‘The Light’

Greek band Tango With Lions have built a firm foundation of dreamy pop and indie, making them one of Greece’s highlighted groups within the past seven years. Releasing their applauded debut LP ‘Verba Time’ back in 2010, with their second album ‘A Long Walk’ released in 2013, Tango With Lions eventually took a break. Fast forward five years and the group led by frontwoman Kat Papachristou have made their return with a third album entitled ‘The Light’. Constructed of nine songs which play like stories, the record is an emotive and cinematic Ferris wheel revolving around at times joyous and other times melancholic rhythms that are effortlessly tied together through polished instrumentation and Papachristou’s sleek vocals.