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Franc Moody Bring the Sound of Cosmic Funk with Their Track ‘Pheromones’

Since last year South London group Franc Moody have been spreading their intergalactic funk throughout, dropping their killer yet simply titled ‘EP’. The record was a hybrid of disco, spacey soul and upbeat funk that was oh so infectious. Releasing a number of cuts since that time, Franc Moody make their return with another lavish track entitled ‘Pheromones’. Packed with a dose of cosmic funk for days, rubber band bass lines, thumping drums and smokey vocals make this one ridiculously hot tune. If you’re not grooving to ‘Pheromones’, then chances are you have no soul in your body let a lone a pulse in your veins! Have a listen.

Stream the Soulwax Remix of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s ‘Deadly Valentine’

French superstar Charlotte Gainsbourg has enlisted the Belgian team Soulwax to remix her single ‘Deadly Valentine’. Giving the track a disco makeover, this version is a delicious, hedonistic piece that is not only addicting but should literally be the soundtrack to every weekend forthcoming. Soulwax have definitely created magic with this one! Touching on the remix, Soulwax stated: “We have been Charlotte Gainsbourg’s fans from when she was still a teenager until now, so we were of course Read more […]

Park Hotel ‘Going West’ Video

London band Park Hotel have unveiled the video for their single ‘Going West’. Directed by Elliott Arndt, the duo perform the song whilst in front of vibrant paintings by the artist HENRY. The song itself, which incorporates the glorious sounds of new wave, post-punk and disco, follows Park Hotel’s debut song ‘Gone As A Friend’, which was also one of our Top Picks. Check it out. Read more […]

Shy Luv Delve Deep into the Funk with ‘First Fires’

Manchester duo Shy Luv are aiming at making you dance for the summer with their latest single ‘First Fires’. Bridging together a heavy dose of funk and disco with dance, the track is peppered with an upbeat 80s groove that will have you running to the dance floor. Stream ‘First Fires’ down below. Read more […]

Stream Luxia’s ‘Me, My Selfie and I’

Malmö-based Luxia delivers a cheeky single with ‘Me, My Selfie and I’. Whilst addressing the topic of the self-indulging method of pic taking that we all do and the actual dark side of it all, the song is presented in an upbeat and glamour-styled disco meets pop packaging that is actually quite addicting in itself. We’re definitely eager to see what Luxia has coming down the pipeline in the future regarding more music, as this is one clever offering. Check it out. Read more […]

The Penelopes Share Their Sexy Single ‘Mulholland Drive’

Let’s call it what it is, the Parisians simply know how to make sexy synth-pop and disco-filled cuts that reign supreme. Now in regards to France-originated, now London-based group The Penelopes, they can surely be added to the list having dropped a slew of fantastic records for years now. Their latest single ‘Mulholland Drive’ captures the very essence of a great synth-pop bit, sprinkled with dabs of 80s funk. If you put together an exclusive party with some of the most gorgeous people, this Read more […]

Parcels Share Their Daft Punk-Produced Single ‘Overnight’

You know you’re doing something right when music giants Daft Punk produce your next single. This would be the scenario with Parcels, whose ‘Hideout’ EP was a sexy deal of poolside pop that is the ultimate summer listen. Their latest track ‘Overnight’ is no exception to the rules. Delivering a golden touch of disco and funk, this Daft Punk/Parcels combo fit like a hand in glove with the tune being a season anthem. Check it out.

Park Hotel Unveil Their Latest Disco-Driving Single ‘Going West’

Park Hotel hit the mark with their debut single ‘Gone As A Friend’. Fusing together the glorious sounds of disco, punk and funk, the London duo now unveil the follow-up cut titled ‘Going West’. Keeping the disco flames burning bright, the song moves with sleek, cosmic synths and steamy guitar riffs, making it our new addiction. With the spirit of Talking Heads flying around the tune, Park Hotel is yet again spot on the money with this one! Have a listen. Read more […]

Listen to Felix Hagan & The Family’s Fun Single ‘Delirium Tremendous’

Liverpool-formed, London-based Felix Hagan & The Family have shared their latest track entitled ‘Delirium Tremendous’. The lively single is a culture-clashing of whimsical pop, punk, indie, disco and funk rock. Whilst that may sound like a roller coaster ride of styles, the group have managed to flawlessly pull it off, providing listeners with an unstoppable and infectious groove that is fun and utterly spirited. In a press statement regarding the track, Felix Hagan wrote: “The song is Read more […]

Shy Luv Bring the Funk with ‘Time’

Following their ‘Shock Horror’ EP released earlier this year, Shy Luv make their return bringing a heavy dose of funk, electro and pop with their latest single ‘Time’. Fun and vibrant, the synth-driven cut is the perfect introduction to the summer. Incorporating the flute to coincide with upbeat vocals, Shy Luv is spot on the mark with this utterly feel good recording. Have a listen.