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Blondie Will Release ‘Fun’ Remixes

Music legends Blondie will drop their 11th album ‘Pollinator’ on May 5th. The upcoming LP features guest songwriters including Sia, Dev Hynes, Charlie XCX and more. The band’s first single ‘Fun’ (co-written with Dave Sitek) was released last month with an accompanying video. Blondie will now unleash a remix package to the track. Enlisting Greg Cohen to deliver a sleek disco rework along with Richard Barratt aka Crooked Man raising the temperature with a hedi, spaced-out 4×4 dub as well as a more soulful disco fire-off, the remix pack will land March 17th via BMG.

Rudie Edwards ‘Lover Like You’ Video

London-based stunner Rudie Edwards returns with another blazing hot single and video titled ‘Lover Like You’. The vibrant video features Edwards looking like an absolute goddess whilst dancers bust a few moves in various scenes. This is one of those songs that simply makes you feel sexy at any given moment, not to mention will having you itching to get on the dance floor. ‘Lover Like You’ is currently out now via Atlantic Records. Have a look. Read more […]

Park Hotel ‘Gone As A Friend’ Video

Park Hotel’s ‘Gone As A Friend’ is currently one of our top tracks. Splashed with disco, funk and punk, the London duo have now shared the video for the single. Directed by Victor Duchêne, the video features band member Rebeca Marcos-Rosa following Tim Abbey as he mysteriously strolls the streets or drives to an inconspicuous destination with the two ultimately coming in contact as Abbey gives Marcos-Rosa a note that we never find out what’s actually written on it. Gone As A Friend is out now Read more […]

Stream Shy Luv’s New ‘Shock Horror’ EP

Whilst their provocative EP title ‘Shock Horror’ may instantly provoke thoughts of something evil and wicked, Shy Luv’s latest record is anything but. In fact, the sunny funk/disco/pop release is more fitting for a Summer afternoon in July. Comprised of four upbeat and infectious tracks, the Manchester duo will have you instantly hooked on their saucy and slick production combined with smokey vocal deliveries that simply put you in the most cheery of moods.

Park Hotel Will Make You Move with ‘Gone As A Friend’

Comprised of Tim Abbey and Rebeca Marcos-Rosa, London duo Park Hotel have make their entry with a magnificent debut track titled ‘Gone As A Friend’. Capturing the sounds of funk, punk disco and new wave, this is the new theme song to all things downtown. With a nod to acts like Talking Heads, the ridding of a friend has never sounded so lovely. Musically one can’t help but picture an environment of stylish, chic, gritty and hedonistic people all congregating in one place. ‘Gone As A Friend’ is Read more […]

Sinkane ‘Telephone’ Video

Sinkane returns with an upbeat video for his single ‘Telephone’, which is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Life & Livin’ It’. Directed by Bráulio Amado and Bruno Ferreira, there are clips of a girl wearing a body suit who dances throughout rooms in her place whilst Sinkane is busting a few moves on a TV screen with no shirt. A repeated sequence of scenes in a sense, the girl does random things like watering the plants and talking on the telephone before getting back to the main business at hand…dancing. Have a look.

Tesla Boy ‘Circles’ Video

Russian band Tesla Boy reconnect with director Ryan Patrick for their latest video ‘Circles’. Utterly comical, you have a guy in a Chinese restaurant who continually change faces whilst a waving roast chicken seems to be calling and enticing him. Technically the transforming guy is supposed to meet up with a female who he connected with through a dating app, only for her to arrive and witness the strange chap flipping out and yet again, transforming on a small stage. Is it weird? Of course! However, Read more […]

Legendary DJ David Mancuso Has Passed Away

Legendary New York DJ, audiophile and The Loft founder David Mancuso has died, aged 72. One of the original pioneers of invitation-only parties, Mancuso would go on to influence some of the biggest clubs and nights in New York City including The Paradise Garage and Studio 54.

What originally began as intimate listening gatherings for friends, eventually transformed into loft parties that became not only a place to hear good music but a community. With the first party in February of 1970 dubbed ‘Love Saves The Day’, Mancuso drew a reputation for his expertise in sound quality with iconic DJ’s such as Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan being patrons of his parties.

Stream Shy Luv’s Disco/Funk-Driven Tune ‘Joyrider’

London duo Shy Luv released their debut EP ‘Caught Up On You’ back in 2015. Now back with a new track and a slightly new sound, the pair tap into a disco vibe with their single ‘Joyrider’. Spaced-out with driving a percussion powering wheels of funk, the song is one that feels highly suitable for the summer, but will definitely warm you up this winter. ‘Joyrider’ is currently out now via Black Butter Records. You can stream the track down at the bottom. Enjoy.