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KING ‘Only U’ Video

Danish singer KING unveils the video for her single ‘Only U’. Directed by Glashier, you can find the Copenhagen-based artist along with her bad girl crew in a hotel room with someone tied up, eventually dumping the body in the boot of a car. Other scenes display KING with a rabbit on a leash, maybe not looking as fierce as a rottweiler but definitely getting his profile on. The song itself is produced by Peter Yushichi St James and Christian Nilsson. Have a look. Read more […]

Liima ‘2-Hearted’ Video

With their second album ‘1982’ scheduled to get released on November 3rd, Liima enlist photographer and director Mariana Bisti to create stunning visuals for their video ‘2-Hearted’. Constructed of breathtaking aerial views of Hong Kong architecture, the images are a part of Bisti’s ‘wěndìng fánróng’ series, shot during her 10-week stay as artist-in-residence in the city.

First Hate ‘A Prayer For The Unemployed’ Video

Copenhagen-based duo First Hate have shared visuals for their single ‘A Prayer For The Unemployed’. Directed by Anton Falck, the dreamy video depicts a tale of love beginning with a woman sitting unhappily by a pond. Suddenly a guy riding a horse pulls up, and the journey begins. The pair showers each other with affection whilst kindly wearing matching First Hate attire. ‘A Prayer For The Unemployed’ is taken from First Hate’s debut album boasting the same title, out now on Escho Records. Read more […]

Nelson Can ‘Stonewall Frank’ Video

Danish band Nelson Can have shared the video for their single ‘Stonewall Frank’. Now in all honesty, there isn’t really much going on in the vid besides the girls sitting on steps nodding their heads to the track. Whilst there may not be much action in the visual department, the song itself is quite amazing and energetic. The track is taken from Nelson Can’s ‘EP3’ EP out now on Alcopop! Records. Check it out.

Stream Majken’s New LP ‘Dancing Mountains’

Danish-born and raised, now L.A.-based artist Majken have released her debut LP ‘Dancing Mountains’. Having previously shared the single and video ‘Here And Now’, the new record straddles between dreamy pop and lo-fi indie, organically created as Majken takes listeners on a soaring journey through heartbreaks and the small moments of peace. Written between Los Angeles, Paris and by the Nordic Fjord, the album features production by Jesse Nolan and Maxime Sokolinski.

Nelson Can ‘Move Forward’ Video

Danish band Nelson Can give their single ‘Move Forward’ the visual treatment. Shot in one take, you can find singer Selina Gin basically running down a path within a Texas forest. Whilst we would love to make it appear to be something much deeper than that, hey, that’s pretty much what it is. But hey, the song is quite amazing so we’re happy. Speaking on the video Selina Gin stated: “The video was filmed in one take far into the depths of a forest in Texas, and it was directed and shot Read more […]

Jenny Hval ‘The Great Undressing’ Video (NSFW)

Norwegian artist Jenny Hval has never been one to take a conventional approach to music or the accompanying visuals. Having released her acclaimed ‘Blood Bitch’ album in 2016, she now unveils the video for the song ‘The Great Undressing’. Definitely not something that you want to watch at work, the vid revolves around a woman who goes through her normal life in the nude. This includes doing random things like biking, clubbing, attending birthday parties and just having a bite to eat at a local take away.

Listen to Nelson Can’s Haunting Track ‘Downtown’

Somewhere between the sounds of post-punk, indie and garage rock sit the Danish band Nelson Can. Dropping their self-titled EP in January of 2012, the group went on to hammer out a slew of records including their single ‘Troublemaker’, the 5-song bit ‘EP2’ and their 2014 full-length ‘Now Is Your Time To Deliver’. Whilst Nelson Can’s music has a haunting lift to it, they’re undeniable Scandinavian cool makes them a truly remarkable trio hailing from the region.

Stream Sweet Tempest’s ‘Empty Box’

Last year Copenhagen-based duo Sweet Tempest released their EP ‘Snow’, a surreal package of dream pop, indie, new wave and more. However, the pair then went a little quiet with releases as they huddled in the studio to work on their next EP.

Sweet Tempest now make their return with the track ‘Empty Box’. Going slightly on the darker side, the group combine haunting guitar licks with airy vocals, sparking a blaze of dark pop and indie that is surely a tasty treat. We’re definitely looking forward to the upcoming EP. ‘Empty Box’ is out now via Small Yellow Records.