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David Byrne Shares New Single ‘Everybody’s Coming To My House’

David Byrne seems to always manage to deliver music at the perfect moment. With the current state of global politics in a roller coaster wave of extremity, he is set to release his new album ‘American Utopia’ on March 9th via Todomundo/Nonesuch Records. The lead single from the record is this upbeat pop meets disco/new wave track ‘Everybody’s Coming To My House’. In traditional David Byrne fashion, the song is a kaleidoscopic twisting of sounds, pumping with a rubbery bass line, running break style drums and electronica twinkles that fit perfectly like pieces to a puzzle. It looks like 2018 will be an exciting year for music and David Byrne is helping to lead the charge. Check it out.

Anna Calvi & David Byrne “Strange Weather” Video

“Strange Weather” is the forthcoming all covers EP by Anna Calvi set to be released July 14 on Domino Records. Here is the official video for the title track which features David Byrne. The story revolves around a woman in New York City who is self-medicating from apparent pain. She indulges in excessive drinking and one night stands only to try to find a glimpse of light and hope towards the end. The video is directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz. Read more […]

David Byrne & Jherek Bischoff “Eyes” Video

No matter how trippy visually or sonically David Byrne may get, there always seem to be a high standard of artistic value. For the Byrne and Jherek Bischoff’s official video for “Eyes”, there are pupils dialted with graphics, David Byrne’s head going from angle to angle and flashes all over the place. But you know what? It’s not so far off of the deep end where it loses any artistic aesthics. OK, maybe we’re just a fan of David Byrnes in general. Check it out. Read more […]