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ColoRising Mixes 36: SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronym)

Post-punk, synth-wave, industrial, techno – Barcelona’s SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronym) are some of the best to craft the sound bursting from Spain. Comprised of Andrea P. Latorre and Sergi Algiz, label owners of Cønjuntø Vacíø and members of the cutting edge band Wind Atlas, their SDH project is the ultimate rush of haunting, heavy electronica layered with a synth-pop spreading, creating the ultimate balance between light and dark. Questioning the idea of fiction, SDH’s sound is a continuing ride through illusory and realism. With their new EP ‘Tell Them’ out March 9th on Avant! Records, Semiotics Department of Heteronym are true heroes of electronic and post-punk alchemy.

Stream Marva Von Theo’s Debut LP ‘Dream within a Dream’

Marva Von Theo have released their debut album ‘Dream within a Dream’. Comprised of twelve tracks, the LP marries various styles of electronica with elements of jazz, rock and dark pop. Whilst definitely experimental, there are also considered factors to the various orchestrations of the music, making it slick and logical. Below is a stream of ‘Dream within a Dream’.

Listen to Oracle North’s Dark Wave-Fused Track ‘Underzone’

The city of Stockholm may be known for their ever expanding scene of pop, however, there have been a wave of amazing bands treading different waters. In the case of Swedish band Oracle North, the quartet teeter between the classic sound of new wave and post-punk, and they do it amazingly well. The band released their ‘Communion’ EP back in December of last year. Oracle North now bring forth their latest track titled ‘Underzone’, a stealth presentation of dark wave that sparks visuals of post-industrialism Read more […]

Top Pick: Brunetto “Sheroine”

Timing is everything. And for Seville-born, Barcelona-based producer Brunetto, the time is now. While his discography spans back to 2005 with releases such as “Déjalo Así Bru”, after his 2008 recording “B+”, he focused his efforts in other aspects of the music industry. Now back with a new LP titled “Sheroine”, Brunetto has produced nothing short of an astonishing work of art that ensnares moody and moving traces of IDM, break beat, pop, and experimental Hip-Hop. Beginning the Read more […]