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Cold Specks Shares Her Soulful, Apocalyptic Cut ‘Void’

Ladan Hussein better known as Cold Specks have been on the lips of journalists and music lovers alike for the past couple years now. Releasing her stellar LPs ‘I Predict A Graceful Expulsion’ and ‘Neuroplasticity’, the Canadian singer will drop her third LP ‘Fool’s Paradise’ on September 22nd via Arts & Crafts. Stepping up with a new pre-taster, Cold Specks has unveiled her new single ‘Void’, which is taken from the upcoming record. Placing her soulful vocals atop post-apocalyptic electronic production, the song evokes a sense or urgency, with the Toronto-born artist proving to be at the top of her game. Have a listen.

Sampson Debuts Her Emotive Pop Single ‘Shake The Fire’

Canadian singer Sampson has made her debut with the emotive single ‘Shake The Fire’. Written whilst dealing with depression, the song is an otherworldly and moving electronic pop cut, beautifully produced around the angelic vocals of the up-and-coming artist. A brilliant and blissful first offering, ‘Shake The Fire’ is taken from Sampson’s forthcoming LP. Touching on ‘Shake The Fire’, Sampson mentioned: “Shake The Fire’ is about papa (my grandad), who was a huge supportive force in my Read more […]

Stream Alvvays’ ‘Plimsoll Punks’

Toronto band Alvvays are set to drop their new album ‘Antisocialites’ on September 8th. The new record follows their self-titled debut released back in 2014.

The foursome have also shared a new track titled ‘Plimsoll Punks’, which will be featured on the new LP. Tapping into the traditional side of punk, combined with an upbeat pop spirit and charming delivery, ‘Plimsoll Punks’ is a fun taster before the main course.

Listen to Chad VanGaalen’s Spacey ‘Mind Hijacker’s Curse’

Chad VanGaalen is set to release his sixth LP ‘Light Information’ on September 8 via the Sub Pop imprint. As someone who is no stranger to the darker themes of life, VanGaalen’s latest single ‘Mind Hijacker’s Curse’ can ironically be translated into a sort of hopeful idea of allowing one to experience through the mind of another. Couple this with a spacey, semi-haunting indie palette and you have another musical roller coaster packaged with Chad VanGaalen’s imprint all over it.

Sc Mira Share Their New Single ‘Mexico’

Back in 2015 Canadian band Sc Mira dropped their killer record ‘Waiting Room Baby’ which whipped around the sounds of indie, alternative and a sort of folk-like styling which the band have dubbed death pop. Gaining traction, the next couple years found the band back in the studio working on new songs which would manifest itself into the forthcoming ‘Keep Crawling’ EP. Set to land September 22nd, the group have shared the lead-off track entitled ‘Mexico’. Slightly peppier stylistically with a Read more […]

The Barr Brothers Celebrate the Core of Rock & Roll with Their New Track ‘It Came to Me’

The Barr Brothers recently shared their epic song ‘You Would Have to Lose Your Mind’, the first gunner from their upcoming album ‘Queens of the Breakers’, landing October 13th. Now the Montreal band fire up the burners with an unadulterated slice of pure rock & roll with their second offering ‘It Came to Me’. Diving into the core roots of the sound, letting the blues influence shine, smokey vocals flow fluid with spirited drums and fiery guitar lines. The Barr Brothers have surely hit the target smack dab in the middle with this one.

Liz Lokre ‘Buh Bye’ Video

Last year Liz Lokre dropped her blazing debut single ‘Rise Up!’ which was an uplifting dub-fused rocker that had her instantly on mnay people’s radars. The Toronto singer now makes her return with the video to her latest single ‘Buh Bye’ which find her laying down her silky vocals over a soul backdrop produced by Adrian X and Jordan Reyes. The video, directed by Sean McBride and Caroline Torti, features Lokre looking hotter than a summer’s day in Death Valley as she performs the song whilst surrounded by two dancers. Stylishly shot, the single itself is currently out now via Ecclectic Electrix.

Broken Social Scene ‘Vanity Pail Kids’ Video

Who would have thought that even toilets can be affected by pop stars dominating the music game and well, they aren’t. For Broken Social Scene’s latest video ‘Vanity Pail Kids’, a toilet whose aim is to move the world with music feels a bit worthless due to the influence of acts like Taylor Swift. It then does the appropriate thing by partying at a bar full of people with trash bags on their heads. Now many of you may be thinking that this is far beyond the level of bizarre, but if you open your hearts and minds, you well begin to understanding that even dumping objects have feelings too.

Basement Revolver Share Their Epic Tune ‘Mountains’

Canadian band Basement Revolver is a name that everyone need to know. Releasing their self-titled EP last year, their emotive serving of indie and alternative rock is of premium class with powerful lyrical content that leave lasting marks. With their new EP ‘Agatha’ landing July 21st Yellow K Records/fear of missing out records, Basement Revolver have now shared the second track taken from the upcoming recording called ‘Mountains’. The intensely epic sound is a further raising of the latter showing a further maturity of the band who have already delivered one of the most solid releases of 2016.

Mise en Scene Interview

Somewhere in between bursting indie pop and raw, pumping garage punk is where Canada’s Mise en Scene sit, finely sewing all sounds flawlessly together. Hailing from Winnipeg, the group was established by members Stefanie Blondal Johnson and Jodi Dunlop, who originally came together through their love of visual arts and of course music itself. The result was a gorgeous sound, accessible to the masses yet true to their roots.