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CHANCES Share Their Latest Single ‘Leave The Light On’

Making their debut a few months back with the song ‘Shine’, Montreal band CHANCES return with a new single titled ‘Leave The Light On’. To call this track epic or magical would an understatement as the expansive production reaches multiple heights whilst the flowing of angelic vocals add the final beauty. ‘Leave The Light On’ is an example CHANCES confidently ready to take things to the next level. Have a listen. Read more […]

Doldrums ‘Runner Up’ Video

Montreal’s Doldrums steps up with extremely trippy visuals for his single ‘Runner Up’. Shot by Damian Lebiedzinski and edited by Errhead, the video features up close images of faces and bodies overlayed together, creating kaleidoscopic effects. You can even catch morphed images of Michael Jackson from the ‘Thriller’ album in a couple scenes. The song is taken from Doldrum’s forthcoming LP ‘E s c’, out June 9th. Have a look.

Mozart’s Sister ‘Bump’ Video

Caila Thompson-Hannant, known by her moniker Mozart’s Sister, brings forth a sparkling dose of electronic pop with her latest track ‘Bump’. Whilst the song itself is definitely on the experimental side of the genre, the video for the tune is a weird animation which features jumping bizarre looking animals, button-pushing fingers and more. It’s sort of like going through a three minute trip through wonderland…literally.

Broken Social Scene Return with ‘Halfway Home’

Toronto collective Broken Social Scene make their return after a seven year gap with the new single ‘Halfway Home’. Nothing short of monumental, the grand dash of pop and indie is the band perfectly in unison as they start a new chapter following their stellar ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’, released back in 2010.

DYLYN Unveils Her Stellar Single ‘Secret’

When DYLYN hit the world with her track ‘Mimosa’, it was evident that this Toronto-based singer was definitely ready to take the world by storm. Now unleashing her fire hot single ‘Secret’, DYLYN aka Gwendolyn Lewis has definitely sealed the deal as the slow, bass-thumping electronic pop banger tackles the touchy subject of infidelity within the family. Touching on the track, DYLYN wrote, “This one is personal. My life was turned upside down and as a result this song emerged. ‘Secret’ became Read more […]

Le Couleur ‘Premier Contact’ Video

Montreal’s Le Couleur have been releasing loads of records for the past 7 years now. Their sound is a sexy and vibrant taste of nu disco with a glam feel to it that kind of makes you feel all chic and what not. Bringing forth their latest video ‘Premier Contact’, a night club is the setting as characters partake in comical dance threats. Apparently beef doesn’t just happen in the streets, but on the dance floor as well. Check it out. Read more […]

Listen to Young Galaxy’s ‘Stay For Real’

In the wake of the current state of events involving the rufugee crisis as well as the elections in America, Montreal band Young Galaxy have stepped forward to shed their opinion on the happenings with their new song ‘Stay For Real’. With the song being released independently, the band have also teamed up with Plus1 in which all net proceeds from the sales will get donated to the W.A.V.E Foundation, PIVOT in Canada, as well as the ACLU in the U.S.

Check Out STACEY’s ‘First Move’

In late 2013, Toronto singer STACEY dropped her self-titled debut EP, a mellow dealing of mood-driven pop. Making her return with a fresh, new single called ‘First Move’, the sultry song deals with the beginning stages of getting to know someone before completely crossing the line of love. Led by STACEY’s slick vocals and hazy pop production, the track is taken from her forthcoming EP. Have a listen.

Sid le Rock to Release ‘Elasticity’ EP

Canadian producer Sid le Rock will release his new ‘Elasticity’ EP on the 3rd of March via My Favorite Robot Records. Comprised of three tracks, the new work is an inner and outer experience of midnight tech house, dark and steamy for the late night dance floors.

DYLYN Shares Her New Cut ‘Mimosa’

Toronto singer DYLYN unveils her spicy, new single ‘Mimosa’. The upbeat, alt-pop cut is swarming with a feisty bite as she touches on dealing with the pressures of life and trying to subdue them by alternate means. Definitely catchy and addictive, DYLYN’s effortless swagger and cool is glistening with confidence even in the midst of tackling a heavy issue. Regarding ‘Mimosa’, DYLYN wrote: “Many of us experience some form of anxiety throughout our lives. Some of us don’t even know it exists Read more […]