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Tess Roby Unveils Her New Track ‘Given Signs’

Canadian singer and artist Tess Roby has shared her news single ‘Given Signs’. A mellow and hypnotic serving of sparkling electronica elegantly blended with a dream pop spreading, the song is a celebration of the life of her father and those family moments spent in Lancashire. ‘Given Signs’ is taken from Tess Roby’s forthcoming LP ‘Beacon’, landing May 4th on Italians Do It Better. Have a listen.

Jo Passed ‘Glass’ Video

Canadian band Jo Passed have shared their latest video ‘Glass’. Directed by John Mutter, the group find themselves in a pickle when Jo receives info that he has to partake in a gun fight with some strange bloke. We’re sure this would rattle anyone who is placed in this unorthodox situation.

Stream Deux Trois’ Brilliant Debut ‘Late Night Girls’

Canadian trio Deux Trois is comprised of Nadia Pacey, Ben Webb and Benjamin Nelson. Having all established themselves in separate bands, this new project treads between steamy alternative and nocturnal pop. According to Deux Trois, their new single ‘Late Night Girls’ is about those lonely evenings of masturbation and porn. Whilst obviously this can be interpreted literally or metaphorically, the song creates a juxtaposition of modern day pop music which tends to regurgitate topics hyper-sexuality. Read more […]

The Weeknd ‘Call Out My Name’ Video

After releasing his ‘My Dear Melancholy’ EP, The Weeknd received echoed statements among fans that he had returned to his old sound that gripped listeners from the start. Now The Weeknd unveils the video for the lead-off single ‘Call Out My Name’. Directed by Grant Singer, scenes shift between a dark, lonely street setting flooded with bats and a forest containing frozen animals, as well as a masked woman. In between all of this, The Weeknd gives a dramatic performance which many would attribute to the break-up of him and Selena Gomez. Never the less, he has another hit on his hands. Watch the video down below.

Chromeo feat. DRAM ‘Must’ve Been’ Video

Whenever Canadian group Chromeo release a video, we know it’s going to be comical. This is the vid to their song ‘Must’ve Been’ featuring DRAM. What you have here are a series of events in which Dave 1 has to be slapped out of his sleep by fellow band mate P-Thugg, normally resulting in Dave having to either hide people in his home due to them throwing a party of hide himself as a result of a furious girlfriend who has been on the hunt for him. Apparently this has been going on since 1988, where Read more […]

Ellevator Share Their Exciting Single ‘Voices’

Canadian band Ellevator have shared their third single ‘Voices’, which will be featured on their forthcoming debut EP landing April 20th via Arts & Crafts. Crafting a stellar pop meets alternative song bursting with life, the beaming production is the perfect palette for singer Nabi Sue Bersche’s lush vocals. Expect ‘Voices’ to do well on the charts. Touching on the song, Nabi Sue Bersche mentioned: “I always had a pretty firm idea of what the Love Of My Life™ would be like. I had them Read more […]

Nyssa’s ‘Cowboy’ is a Glam-Disco Gem

Toronto’s Nyssa is someone, who after discovering her music, has us completely enchanted. About a year ago she shared the songs ‘Bad Girls (Elegy)’ and ‘Life Is Hard’. While both really great cuts, her latest single ‘Cowboy’ is utterly infectious. Tapping into more of a disco meets glam pop, this upbeat cut is pumping with late 80s vocal textures and fuzzy synth taps. Nyssa has definitely hit the nail on the head with this lively tune! Have a listen. Read more […]

Jo Passed ‘Millennial Trash Blues’ Video

Word to the wise, if you ever see a woman wearing a mask whilst dancing inside of trash bin, then you may want to stay clear away. Otherwise she can completely lure you with her eerie powers and eventually finding your guitar laying on the bin with spaghetti-like substance being flung on it. Now as absurd as this sounds, Vancouver band Jo Passed have provided the visuals to this exact scenario in their latest video ‘Millennial Trash Blues’. Directed by Justin Gradin, the song itself is taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Their Prime’, out May 25th on Sub Pop Records/Royal Mountain .

Tess Roby ‘Catalyst’ Video

Tess Roby will release her debut album ‘Beacon’ on May 4th via the Italians Do It Better label. Written after the death of her father with the title inspired from her family travels to Lancashire, a spiritual overtone layers the new work.

One of the songs featured on the upcoming LP is her single ‘Catalyst’ in which Tess Roby has also shared a video for. Directed by Tess Roby herself along with Hugo Bernier and shot on Super 8 film, Roby finds herself at one with the environment in a state of peace. Have a look.