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The Men Set to Release ‘Drift’ Album & Share New Track ‘Maybe I’m Crazy’

Running 10 years strong in the music business, NYC rockers The Men are celebrating with the release of their new album ‘Drift’, landing March 2nd on Sacred Bones. The new work follows their 2016 LP ‘Devil Music’. Working with Travis Harrison of Guided by Voices, ‘Drift’ is an expansion of sound, initiated by the previous album with The Men giving the tracks more of an open space without sacrificing musicality.

QWAM Share Their Latest Punk Track ‘Dirty Feet’

Brooklyn band QWAM have shared their new single ‘Dirty Feet’. The song follows their previous single ‘Doggie Door’ which was the lead-off cut taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Feed Me’, out January 19th. Taking cues from the classic era of New York City 70s punk, ‘Dirty Feet’ is an electrifying offering driven by powering guitar riffs and gritty, in your face vocals.

Stream Dead Leaf Echo’s ‘Sunless Soul’

Brooklyn band Dead Leaf Echo are set to release their second album ‘Beyond.Desire’ on October 13th via PaperCup Music. The LP was recorded with My Bloody Valentine engineer Guy Fixsen, as well as Jorge Elbreht of Ariel Pink and No Joy fame. One of the songs featured on the album is this freshly shared track entitled ‘Sunless Soul’. Whilst the content displays peeks of melancholy pertaining to loneliness, there is a contrasting element to the musical backing which bursts with hope. Have a listen.

Violet Sands ‘Drive’ Video

Brooklyn band Violet Sands have shared their latest video ‘Drive’, directed by Christian Haberkern. The visuals feature the leading character, played by Julia Vasi, navigating throughout a futuristic setting, eventually trekking into a hotel. Holding a key to the mysterious room 124, Vasi slowly unlocks the door, only you don’t quite get to see who or what is behind it. You’ll more than likely have to wait for the next video to find out the surprise. Check it out. Read more […]

Listen to Weird Owl’s ‘You (Sometimes Not You)’

The Brooklyn music scene is definitely healthy with a slew of bands continuing to release incredible tracks. BK band Weird Owl have been a part of this movement for a number of years now, having dropped their debut LP ‘Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed’ back in 2009. Now with their new album set to ‘Bubblegum Brainwaves’ scheduled to land October 13th, the boys have shared a new song entitled ‘You (Sometimes Not You)’. A psychedelic ride of intergalactic synths and streching pop melodies, the song is a window into what’s to come in regards to their new record.

Slothrust Rocks Hard with ‘Milking The Snake’

Brooklyn band Slothrust are rock & roll to the core with a strong background in jazz. Harking back to their 2012 debut release ‘Feels Your Pain’ straight to their 2016 LP ‘Everyone Else’, the sophistication of instrumentation lends credence to their roots. The group now share their song ‘Milking The Snake’, a B-side track to their last record. Merging the hard guitar style of Black Sabbath with grunge-punk steerings, these NYC rockers can’t do any wrong at the moment. Have a listen.

BIRDS Share Their New Alternative Cut ‘See It All’

Brooklyn-based outfit BIRDS are set to release their debut album ‘Everything All At Once’ on August 18th. Forthcoming on Greenway Records, the group have shared their latest single ‘See It All’, which is also featured on the new record. Taking a 90s alternative sound and bridging it with psychedelic wiring, the tune is radiating with sing-a-long melodies giving it a distinct pop appeal. Have a listen.

Listen to BIRDS’ Psych/Rock Cut ‘Scatter’

Brooklyn band BIRDS are set to drop their new album ‘Everything All At Once’ on August 18th. Forthcoming on Greenway Records, the LP will get released on limited-edition vinyl and cassette, as well as digitally. The group have also shared a new single entitled ‘Scatter’ which will be featured on the album. Whipping together the sounds of psychedelic, fuzz pop and garage rock, the hazy and sun-soaked cut is an ideal soundtrack of the summer. Stream ‘Scatter’ below.