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Listen to Wallace’s Soulful Track ‘Black Lake’

Sydney-based singer Wallace has shared her new single ‘Black Lake’. The cinematic blast of nu soul, the well orchestrated track is laced with sultry jazz vocal work, finely wrapped in one lush packaging. Touching on the song, Wallace stated: “‘Black Lake’ attempts to capture the thoughts of someone who is in love and ready to commit to a person who isn’t. After finishing the tune, I was re-watching one of my favourite comedies, The Mighty Boosh, and realised with all the water imagery Read more […]

Wafia Unveils Her Highly Relevant Pop Song ‘Bodies’

Australia-based artist Wafia has been blazing the music scene for the past couple years harking back to her song ‘Let Me Love You’. Returning with her latest single ‘Bodies’, The Netherlands-born singer has shined a spotlight on the difficulties faced by Syrian refugees when simply trying to find safety in a foreign country. Inspired by her own family’s denial into Australia, ‘Bodies’ couldn’t be more relevant to these turbulent times.

Wild Honey ‘Messed Up’ Video

Australian band Wild Honey have delivered the official video to their single ‘Messed Up’, out now via Spillway Records. Director James Adams gives viewers a window into the lives of the group as they prepare for a live show, eventually packing the Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney and delivering a killer performance. Have a look. Read more […]

Maya Payne Shares Her Single ‘Something We Once Knew’

Sydney-based, New Zealand-born artist Maya Payne had an incredible 2016, releasing her EP ‘The Lucky Ones’ which gained her massive success. Now without missing a beat, Payne returns with her latest recording ‘Something We Once Knew’. Peppy, the electro-pop track finds the artist firmly driving down her lane, sparking more than likely a mainstream hit. Have a listen.

Batz’s ‘Gameshow Queen’ is Another Fire Hot Offering From the Australian Band

Again, we have been a solid champion of the Melbourne outfit Batz for quite a while now. Not only have their music been overly consistent since literally before even properly releasing an EP, but each time they do unveil a song, the band seem to get better than before, which is a hard feat considering their track record. Proving yet again that they are far from slacking, their latest single ‘Gameshow Queen’ is another blazing jam packed with feisty attitude and a rock and roll glam that the collective Read more […]

Gold Class ‘Get Yours’ Video

Gold Class deliver the finest in post-punk with their video ‘Get Yours’. Keeping it straight and to the point with footage from one of their live shows shot at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, ‘Get Yours’ is probably one of the hottest break-up track we’ve heard in a while. The video is directed by Defero Productions. Have a look. Read more […]

Stream KAIA’s ‘Know Myself’

Melbourne artist KAIA has an interesting background in that she spent 17 years in a cult that not only condemns oral sex but believe that governments of the world are actually under the control of Satan. Questioning the beliefs and enviornment in which she was raised, KAIA has shared her beautiful song ‘Know Myself’. With a blissful voice, projecting over minimal and delicate electronica, the track is taken from KAIA’s forthcoming self-titled EP landing August 11th via Provenance. Touching Read more […]

Listen to Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective’s Post-Punk Cut ‘Moneymouth’

Listen to Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective unveil their new single ‘Moneymouth’. Tapping into the classicism of early new wave and post-punk, an added dash of psychedelic are built with swirling synths, clash-style guitar riffs and stern vocals. With a sound that pulls from the core of their varied influences, ‘Moneymouth’ is a sure shot winner from the Brisbane outfit. Have a listen. Read more […]

MEG MAC Unveils Her Soulful Cut ‘Don’t Need Permission’

Australia’s MEG MAC is the singer’s singer. With a voice that bursts with soul, she has announced the release of her debut album ‘Low Blows’, set to land July 14th via 300 Entertainment. Recorded at Niles City Sound Studio in Fort Worth, Texas, she has shared her latest single entitled ‘Don’t Need Permission’. An epic and inspiring cut encouraging listeners to feel comfortable with themselves in an unapologetic manner.

Parcels Share Their Daft Punk-Produced Single ‘Overnight’

You know you’re doing something right when music giants Daft Punk produce your next single. This would be the scenario with Parcels, whose ‘Hideout’ EP was a sexy deal of poolside pop that is the ultimate summer listen. Their latest track ‘Overnight’ is no exception to the rules. Delivering a golden touch of disco and funk, this Daft Punk/Parcels combo fit like a hand in glove with the tune being a season anthem. Check it out.