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Stream Hatchie’s ‘Sure’

Hatchie is the moniker or Australian singer Harriette Pilbeam who made her debut earlier this year with her song ‘Try’. She now brings forth her latest offering titled ‘Sure’. Continuing to present warm sun-filled dream pop, the track is completely fitting for a warm day in the summer, even though we are definitely months away from the heat. Hatchie is surely a promising artist to keepy your eye on.

Regarding ‘Sure’, Hatchie stated:

“I wrote ‘Sure’ about people I know falling in and out of the same relationship issues as we grew out of our teens into early adulthood” she explains. “When I initially wrote it, it was about a couple that decided to give it “one more shot” over and over again because they couldn’t bare to be apart. When I think about all the lyrics now I realise that it could be interpreted in a number of different ways.”

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