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Stream Alana Henderson’s ‘Let This Remain’

Irish singer and cellist Alana Henderson has unveiled her new single ‘Let This Remain’. Using an electronic soundscape as the palette for the haunting sonics, Henderson’s incorporation of lush cello play adds another texture to the intricate track. Revolving around the unlasting relationships having occured throughout her travels on the road, ‘Let This Remain’ is an enticing single from the artist.

Regarding the production process for ‘Let This Remain’, Alana Henderson said:

“After a period of post-tour decompression it was recorded at a friend’s isolated Irish cottage with the help of Belfast-based musician/producer Alan Haslam and using only the most rudimentary equipment; my cello, a Roland Juno-106 synthesiser and a TR-808 drum machine, along with some improvised acoustic percussion (we snapped a pair of shoe trees together for the snare sound).”

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