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Sofia Härdig Returns With Her Post-Punk/New Wave Track ‘Let Me Fall’

Sofia Härdig is one of Sweden’s musical weapons, having blasted off with fiery rock & roll and post-punk like a general on the front line. Prepping for the release of her new album Changing The Order, Härdig has unveiled her latest single ‘Let Me Fall’. Meshing the sound of new wave with echoing post-punk guitars, a 4×4 beat pulses through the track whilst her soaked vocals help to create a moody and hauntingly atmospheric soundscape.

Discussing the song, Sofia Härdig mentioned:

“I laid down the bass line for this song using a borrowed, broken, hopeless, but fine old synth during a tour in England. I continued building ‘Let Me Fall’ with other synths and programming, and then brought these recordings with me on tour and added recordings with other musicians I met. Amongst them were a classical pianist in Berlin, a synth player in Copenhagen and a cellist from the opera. John Essing (bob hund) and I recorded the guitar parts in a shed – these parts were added also. I smashed the new recordings into pieces and rebuilt them; deconstructed and reconstructed. At the end, I brought in Jari Haapalainen to produce the song. The bass line from the old, broken synth I used in London, is the main focal point of ‘Let Me Fall’ – a song from London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Malmö.”

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