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Post Louis’ ‘Little Jack’ is Gripping

For four years now, London’s Post Louis have been releasing moody yet striking music. Emerging with the smokey song ‘Oldsmobile’, they went on to release the EPs This Could Be A Bridge and Uptight. The group now return with an epic offering entitled ‘Little Jack’. Flawlessly bridging together art rock and indie, the track is a vibrant collage of sound topped with clever songwriting that makes commands the listener to not only be engaged in the content but also fall deep into a musical journey. Have a listen.

Regarding the song, Post Louis singer Stephanie Davin stated:

“‘Little Jack’ is a character study of someone who lives mainly in their own head. It’s about the pains of loneliness and low confidence, and what happens when these mix with naïve sexual desire. I wanted to hint at the potential for harm or even domination.

‘Little Jack’ isn’t a monster, but the song is in part about how monsters – or wolves – are made. We need to rethink how we make, force and mould some children into being ‘men’.”

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