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Peking Duk & AlunaGeorge ‘Fake Magic’ Video

Australia’s Peking Duck join forces with Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge for the single ‘Fake Magic’. Enlisting Ellis Bahl to direct the video, clips of Peking Duk eating soup at a pub whilst watching Francis on the television is accompanied by two identical guys wearing futuristic motorcycle helmets who eventually find themselves in a dance-off. Aluna Francis later appears before running out the door in the midst of the dance-a-thon that’s taking place!

Touching on the video, director Ellis Bahl stated:

“I like mirrors. They’re magic. There’s a person that looks exactly like you standing on the other side! Maybe they’re fake magic, I don’t know. Maybe there’s a whole body of hard science looking at things like photons, and reflection angles, and the cones in your eyes. But maybe not. This video is about mirrors. Mirror images, singing in the mirror, mirrored dancing, mirrored outfits. Oh and speaking of mirrors, the reason Peking Duk are eating soup at the bar is because the idea was inspired by the famous Marx Brothers mirror scene in the movie Duck Soup. That’s why I have them eating soup at the bar. Peking Duk Soup!”

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