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MY Unveils Her Latest Sone ‘Hate On Myself’

As Swedish artist MY gets set to release her new EP Kids From The Woods via Relentless Records, the pop artist unveils her latest single ‘Hate On Myself’. An ode to the hardships that we place on ourselves, the tune is an upbeat and electric pop rock stunner that is spunky in attitude and sound making MY a sure shot for mainstream success.

Touching on ‘Hate On Myself’, MY stated:

“his song is about just how easy it is to start blaming yourself when you get rejected, dumped, bullied or overlooked. It’s a punch in the face to stupid, self-destructive emotions. I think a lot of people can relate to putting a lot of hate on themselves, and the fact that we can be our own worst enemy. I hope this song can remind everyone feeling this way to love themselves and each other more.”

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