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Mint Field ‘Quiero Otoño De Nuevo’ Video

Tijuana-based duo Mint Field are a musical pair who should definitely be on your radar. With their debut LP Pasar De Las Luces landing Feb 23rd on Innovative Leisure, these girls are delivering excellent psych, shoegaze and dream pop sounds. Their latest single ‘Quiero Otoño de Nuevo’ is a perfect reflection of these styles whipped into one exciting package.

Mint Field have also shared the video to ‘Quiero Otoño de Nuevo’. The visuals feature a guy who facilitates the imagery on billboards, eventually finding himself struggling to remove a message that has now popped up on the screen, broadcasting it to the the outside world. You definitely wouldn’t want to be in his position! And for the record, pressing the ESC button on the keyboard clearly doesn’t always solve the problem. Have a look.

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