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Lydmor’s ‘Helium High’ is Overly Infectious

For the past five years Danish singer Jenny Rossander aka Lydmor has been a rising force, dropping her 2012 LP A Pile of Empty Tapes, 2015’s Y, as well as her Bon Homme collaboration album Seven Dreams Of Fire. Continuing to blaze trails, Lydmore returns with her latest single ‘Helium High’ featuring Mathola. Dark and steamy, the slow-burning, bouncy tune finds Lydmor completely in boss mode, sprinkling punchy attitude over the track and definitely owning it. ‘Helium High’ is currently out now via hfn.

Touching on the track, Lydmor stated:

“‘Helium High’ is about something I have not written so much about before. It’s about being a woman. I need to show a version of femininity that we rarely see. The female anger and the female authority are deeply under-represented in modern society and therefore it may be obvious to forget what it looks like. It is much easier for a heterosexual man to “demand respect” than for women or other sexualities. But I think we internationally see that this is changing. And we are angry. And we take control.”

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