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Listen to The Noise Figures’ New LP ‘Telepath’

Photo by Thodoris Markou

Athens has been a hotbed for talent for years now. Whether electronica, pop or rock, the city has produced a number of incredible acts. The Noise Figures are among that list, bringing some of the heaviest dose of psych and fuzz rock around. Having released their self-titled debut LP back in 2013, followed by their 2015 album Aphelion. The pair consisting of George Nikas and Stamos Bamparis make their return with their third offering Telepath. Holding back no punches, the ten song conceptual album touching of the idea of spirituality is packed with fire streaking garage rock, noise, alternative and stealth post-punk. Beyond energetic, the polished and beefy production is accompanied with lush melodies that add a a perfect balance to the hard-hitting rhythms. Preview Telepath down at the bottom.

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