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Listen to the Lapcat Cover of Portishead’s ‘Roads’


Four years ago Swiss/American trio Lapcat released their debut album ‘Trickster Trickster’, a serving of dark, experimental electronica constructed of sounds that bordered the boundaries of trip-hop, indie and more. By the time they got to their 2014 sophmore release ‘Blitzpop’, the group were even deeper in experimentation as synths became huskier, sometimes running head-on with more pop-friendly melodies.

As Lapcat prepare for the release of their third LP ‘She’s Bad’, out November 17th via Mouthwatering Records, the group have shared a new cover of Portishead’s song ‘Roads’. Haunting, edgy and bold, Lapcat singer Cate Darling’s similar vocal texture to Beth Gibbons’ adds a familiar feel to the cover yet still distinct to their sound and brand. We have a preview of ‘Roads’ down at the bottom. Have a listen.

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