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Listen to Högni’s ‘Moon Pitcher’

Photo by Özge Cöne

After sharing his atmospheric and experimental track ‘Crash’ last month, Icelandic artist Högni returns with the title track to his forthcoming album ‘Moon Pitcher’, out October 20th via Erased Tapes. Springing with a bit more pep, Högni brings a bouncy dose of future funk iced with a tad of pop. The song is the final single before the big release.

Touching on the new single, Högni mentioned:

“Moon Pitcher is about a character who has drenched himself in the hunger for impression. He enters a state where the conditions of love are dependent on sensitivity and courage to let all that’s inside, out. Ultimately a proposal for marriage and a proclamation of love, HE is rectified when the “moon pulls oceans from the sky, there’s something wrong with me and let me tell you why – I’m in love, I’m in love, can’t you tell?”

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