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Listen to FAIRCHILD’s ‘So Long and Thank You’

Australian band FAIRCHILD are on the verge of dropping their new LP So Long and Thank You. Landing June 19th, the group have shared the title track to the album. A lush mid-tempo slice of indie pop, the song is a thank you to the important people who have left an impact with the members.

Regarding the single Tim Voeten stated:

So Long and Thank You was written in different sections, by different members of the band, but with the same person in mind—my father. When I hear this song, of course I think about my Dad, but I also remember that it helped cement in me my love for making music with these people. During those long nights in the studio, I knew it was okay to not be okay. I’d show up with some half-baked idea and we’d have a few drinks and mess around with it. I never knew one of those half-baked ideas would become So Long and Thank You. There isn’t a single sound on this record that can’t simply be put down to enjoying writing music with your friends.”

So Long and Thank You is out August 4th via Canvas Sounds.

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