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Listen to Earth Girl Helen Brown’s ‘Flower Of Darkness’

If the music of Canadian-born, Georgia-raised singer Earth Girl Helen Brown sounds like a nomadic engulfing of styles, that would probably be due to the fact that she has trekked around the U.S. in a gypsy like manner, not to mention living in a mountaintop of Alaska. What has culminated as an aritst is an interesting mix of psych meets pop meets garage rock with an Americana sensibility that literally sounds like an entity on to itself.

With Brown’s forthcoming EP Mars landing July 21 via Empty Cellar Records, she has shared her latest track titled ‘Flower Of Darkness’. Peppered with the sound of surf, the lo-fi/rock cut has an raw and organic charm that is embedded with pop-styled melodies. Listen to ‘Flower Of Darkness’ below.

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