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Listen to BROOKLNN’s Upbeat Debut Single ‘Brandy’

Australian artist BROOKLNN makes her debut with a slick pop treat titled ‘Brandy’. Produced by Harry Sommerdah in Stockholm, there is an undeniable upbeat Scandi sprinkling with BROOKLNN giving the track the right amount of vocal pep making it the perfect summertime track and a magnificent introduction to the Brisbane-raised singer.

Regarding the single, BROOKLYNN stated:

“I wrote the chorus for ‘Brandy’, like a poem without a melody, two weeks before we wrote the rest of the song. I brought in the idea and we all just looked at each other and thought this could be something really cool… Brandy is about loving someone who doesn’t love you back and wanted the “next best thing”. We wrote the lyric in a way that the listener can decide who or what Brandy is; liquor or lady. I think everyone has felt some kind of rejection in their life by someone. You thought they fell for you, but eventually they wanted a different taste.”

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