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Lea Porcelain Share Their Latest Track ‘Can I Really Decide’

Berlin-based duo Lea Porcelain have released their self-titled EP. Having already given fans a previous taste with their song ‘If Time Was On My Side’ less than a month ago, the pair now unveil another track entitled ‘Can I Really Decide’. Whilst their signature post-punk framework is still firmly in place, musically their production is expansive, incorporating ambient alternative with tinges of acid weaved throughout. Lea Porcelain continue to be at the forefront of post-punk progression.

Regarding the song, Lea Porcelain stated:

“Our song describes a sense of freedom, a wild time, a start of spring in another country, a reboot, a false start, a life issue, as we thought it was, in a life where we wonder what it really is that we want? What do I really decide? Or is it decided for me from the outside? Am I determined? Am I living my life or living for someone else? The song is a testimony to the life and freedom that you have to take again and again, in a world that wants to silence you.”

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