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Juanita Stein ‘Someone Else’s Dime’ Video

Having made her mark in music with Howling Bells, Juanita Stein will release her debut solo album America on July 28th via Nude Records. Unveiling the first single taken from the new LP titled ‘Dark Horse’ a couple months back, Stein now brings forth the follow-up single and video called ‘Someone Else’s Dime’. Directed by Rob Loud, the visuals provide a window of look at the west coast of America, documenting the landscape and some of the people, as each clip acts as the perfect compliment to the mood of the song.

Touching on the video Rob Loud stated:

“My goal is to create a feeling, and let the artist’s lyrics and music tell the story. For this video, the visuals are meant to evoke a sense of strength from moving on, and the trepidations of starting over again.” The video follows Juanita freely flowing across Western America, in a cinematic exploration of striking landscapes and evocative vocals. The recognizably romantic setting fits well with an album pertaining primarily to the inevitable disparity between expectations and reality that so many encounter in pursuit of an “American dream.”

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