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Jouer Le Tours Collaborative Show with Lo Hishash Saeio and Antwan Horfee in Two Locations, March 10th – April 25th, Paris


From March 10th to March 25 the artists and old friends SAEIO and Antoine HORFEE join together to host a new exhibition in two different locations : the Arts sans Frontière, a cultural space booked especially for the occasion, and the Galerie P38 where the exhibition will take place until April 25th. The Game, as a vector of new perceptions, like a way to transcend the codes and the established order, by freeing itself from a dictated view.

The Game as jubilation, as sharing, as a fight against the boredom, thrown to the face of the world. The Game as a tool to create our own rules, like a hand stretched towards the elsewhere, beyond the boundaries of language, beyond everything, in the infinite space of what we call the fringes of society. The Game as a dramatization of oneself. To see the world as an abyss, to suddenly take ourselves seriously and remain that way. A boundless game, with unlimited materials, colors or techniques. A flashback to the savagery of childhood, and its innocence mostly.

By investing in two spaces of total surface area of 250m2, SAEIO and Antoine HORFEE bring a new stone to their complicity. This friendship, more than a decade old, started on the margins of Art, by practising in the street. Motivated by the art of play, it finds here is fulfillment. Playing tricks, catching themselves, taking the spectator by surprise, letting him become the actor… pushing back the limits, endlessly renewing ourselves.

This skill, SAEIO experiences it better than most, finding a plastic solution to any constraints and first of all in the erasure on which he has been focusing his reflexion and work these past years, resulting in the concept of Nolens Volens. As for Antoine HORFEE with proven virtuosity, improves his tools in all the gestures. It is rare to find an artist endowed with so many abilities, combined with the will to invent himself ceaselessly. Number of fourhanded exhibitions are nothing but juxtapositions.

jouer les tours dance from SINAMON LUKI SHARMS on Vimeo.

Espace des arts sans frontières
44 rue Bouret 75019 Paris, France

Galerie P38
33 ter rue Deauderville, Paris, France

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