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Henry Green Brings Forth Two New Tracks ‘Shift’ & ‘Without You’

Bristol’s Henry Green has rapidly warmed our hearts with his brand of electronic melodica. With his debut album Shift landing March 30th on Akira Records, he has unveiled two tracks taken from the LP. One being the title cut itself, is an ambient and atmospheric offering built around tender vocals and downtempo-based production, whilst ‘Without You’ continues on with moody arrangements powered by subtle 4×4 drum kicks. Both beyond beautiful work, we’re getting more excited as the album release date draws closer.

Regarding the album, Henry Green stated:

Shift, it’s all about movement. The whole album is based around this theme, but none more so than this track. It felt like a very natural theme to explore and one that I constantly gravitated towards when writing lyrics or describing the evolution of a track. Lyrically, ’Shift’ refers to the sensation of falling, unaware of when you’ll reach an end but enjoying the loss of control and feeling of weightlessness.”

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