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Elohim Returns with Her Latest Single ‘F**k Your Money’

Photo by Chase Oblack

Money can buy many things to bring joy to one’s life, however, singer Elohim has made a clear statement that sometimes all you need is love. With her latest single ‘F**k Your Money’, she celebrates the overflowing love that she has received as well as given, something that has taken precedence over the act of simply running after the cash. Factor in bouncy pop production and you have a cut highly suitable for mainstream success whilst delivering a message that is uplifting.

Touching on the single, Elohim stated:

“I grew up with very little money. My parents put all of their focus on our wellbeing; learning the joy of music, feeding us organic food, and living a life full of LOVE. We didn’t have the fancy cars, the nice houses or expensive possessions. when my mom could feel my sadness as I discovered we were ‘different’ from other families, she’d remind me, ‘we are rich with love.’ I didn’t fully grasp the incredible importance of those words until recently. Love has become my main focus in life and I now know how priceless it truly is.”

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