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ColoRising Mixes 35: Sephine Llo

London, UK

There is a reason why Josephine Lloyd-Wilson aka Sephine Llo has been heavily praised and supported by magazines around the globe and entities such as BBC Radio 3 – she is just that good. Classically trained on the piano and violin, not to mention singing itself, her music is rich with arrangements, bursting with a vivid beauty like a musical painting. Hard to place in one category regarding genre, that is the magic in itself, it’s not simply pop or post-classical, it’s just well… Sephine Llo.

Having released her critically acclaimed 2014 debut EP Flame via Tape Club Records, Sephine Llo’s new album I, Your Moon is a lush and stunning amalgamation of everything that has been incorporated in her sound over the past four years. The result is an LP that is undoubtedly a true masterpiece.

For ColoRising Mixes 35, Sephine Llo has curated a stunning selection of tracks from The Beatles, Lux and more. Eclectic with sheer taste, this is definitely a hypnotic ride.

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