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ColoRising Mixes 25: Dream Nails


London, UK

Punk will never die…the authentic punk that is, especially when bands like London’s Dream Nails exist. The group’s music is like an awakening alarm of urgency speaking out against the ills of society with a sonic rage as the palette. Appropriately titling their debut EP DIY, that spirit runs deep in the four members as they even released a zine to coincide with the record. Their sound is loud, fast and hits with a punch like an uppercut to the face. Singing messages of empowerment, the self-proclaimed ‘feminist punk witches from hell’ are as core as they come, raw and uncut, and you can best believe they are utterly proud of it.

For ColoRising Mixes 25, Dream Nails have curated an wild ride of punk, disco and soul, just to name a few. You can expect to hear tracks from Delta 5, Dream Wife, Lydia Lunch, Erykah Badu and loads more. This is a selection that you may want to turn up the volume and go wild if the feeling provokes you.

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