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Hatchie ‘Sugar & Spice’ Video

Australian singer and musician Hatchie has quickly been making a name for herself with tracks like ‘Sure’ and ‘Try’. The Brisbane native now unveils the visuals to her latest single ‘Sugar & Spice’. The Joe Agius-directed video features Hatchie performing the track among lively animation as parts of the song’s lyrics flash about on the screen. This is simply a fun watch to coincide with an addicting tune. This is the title cut to her forthcoming EP out May 25th.

Little Grace ‘Higher Ground’ Video

Liverpool band Little Grace step forth with the video to their single ‘Higher Ground’. Directed by Jay Bannister, the emotional roller coaster of a break-up is executed in a performance piece by dancers Anna Furnivall and Shameer Rayes. Using blue and orange lighting to create a moody atmosphere to accompany the choreography, this is a great offering from the rising band.

PLYA ‘Feast My Eye’ Video

London band PLYA have unveiled the stunning video to their single ‘Feast My Eye’. The vid features actor Gabriel Thomson who plays a boyfriend who is now suffering from the loss of his relationship after cheating with another. The song itself is out now on Taste & Tone Records. Have a look. Read more […]

Jo Passed ‘Millennial Trash Blues’ Video

Word to the wise, if you ever see a woman wearing a mask whilst dancing inside of trash bin, then you may want to stay clear away. Otherwise she can completely lure you with her eerie powers and eventually finding your guitar laying on the bin with spaghetti-like substance being flung on it. Now as absurd as this sounds, Vancouver band Jo Passed have provided the visuals to this exact scenario in their latest video ‘Millennial Trash Blues’. Directed by Justin Gradin, the song itself is taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Their Prime’, out May 25th on Sub Pop Records/Royal Mountain .

Tess Roby ‘Catalyst’ Video

Tess Roby will release her debut album ‘Beacon’ on May 4th via the Italians Do It Better label. Written after the death of her father with the title inspired from her family travels to Lancashire, a spiritual overtone layers the new work.

One of the songs featured on the upcoming LP is her single ‘Catalyst’ in which Tess Roby has also shared a video for. Directed by Tess Roby herself along with Hugo Bernier and shot on Super 8 film, Roby finds herself at one with the environment in a state of peace. Have a look.

Jack White ‘Over and Over and Over’ Video

Jack White is back with the release of his incredible new album ‘BOARDING HOUSE REACH’ out on his Third Man Records imprint. Here is the video for his blazing single ‘Over and Over and Over’. A whirlwind of room changing scenes of a home which feature marching in military fatigue, people working out and more with White jamming on his guitar. Now mind you, the camera pans extremely quick as the clips transition. For those who are prone to dizziness fairly quickly, we are going to forewarn you – it’s rapid. Other than that, this is a great song and killer video to accompany it. Have a look.

NONONO ‘Friends’ Video

Stockholm band NONONO make their return with the video for their single ‘Friends’. With the direction handled by Joakim Envik Karlsson and Erwin Semler, various clips show people rising from their current state and letting everything go by dancing. NONONO are back in a major way and we’re overly excited about their new album dropping this year. Read more […]

Seinabo Sey ‘I Owe You Nothing’ Video

Swedish star Seinabo Sey makes a statement while completely owning in her video ‘I Owe You Nothing’. Directed by Sheila Johansson with the styling handled by Selam Ghirmay Fessahaye, the visuals feature beautiful and fashionable African women and men of The Gambia sitting with pride whilst Seinabo Sey sternly speaks her mind and looking amazing at it. This is an amazing tune from the superstar. Have a look. Read more […]