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Husky Loops ‘Girl Who Wants to Travel the World’ Video

London-based trio Husky Loops have brought forth their latest video ‘Girl Who Wants to Travel the World’. Directed by Tom Ringbsy, what appears to be a slew of people in the park doing random things, is actually more of a demonstration that what exist are connections that are closer in similarities than not. The song is taken from Husky Loops’ forthcoming record ‘EP2’, landing October 6th.

Guntruck ‘Bar Fly’ Video

Guntruck really need no introduction as the Seattle band have been hard rocking since 89. Whilst sadly Ben McMillan passed away in 2008, the grunge legends will finally drop their unreleased self-titled third album, which was recorded back in the 90s. Out October 13th on Found Recordings, Guntruck have shared the video for their track ‘Bar Fly’. What you have here are the boys performing the song on stage as the visuals are shot in a gritty, no-frills manner. There isn’t anything candy or glossy Read more […]

Daphne & The Golden Chord ‘Remember to Breathe’ Video

Daphne Guinness has launched her musical project Daphne & The Golden Chord. Teaming up with producer Tony Visconti for her new album ‘It’s A Riot’, Guinness has unveiled the video for her single ‘Remember to Breathe’. Directed by The Fashtons, the visuals contain sparkling, glam-filled clips of Daphne Guinness looking like a goddess from the future. There is a lot of glitter and trippy effects added to the mix.

Boy Harsher ‘Country Girl’ Video

Duo Boy Harsher have shared their latest video ‘Country Girl’. The visuals are a diary of sorts, following a girl throughout her night which goes from her getting ready and filming herself to dancing. She eventually returns home, only to engage in more dancing pleasure. The video is directed by Boy Harsher’s Jae Matthews. Check it out. Read more […]

Flora Cash ‘Roses On Your Dress’ Video

Musical couple Flora Cash demonstrate their love in the new video ‘Roses On Your Dress’. Directed by Christofer Nilsson, the pair navigate through a luxurious mansion as clips are filmed in a dreamy and fairytale-like manner. Representing the dymanics of two class structures, the middle and wealthy, various moods, both good and bad, are reflected in a certain light. At the end of the day, it’s all about the two and the idea of togetherness. Have a look below. Read more […]

Teachers ‘Loved You All The Way’ Video

Brooklyn band Teachers have unveiled their stunning video ‘Loved You All The Way’. Filmed in Serbia among stark and towering monuments that have lasted throughout World War II, the band performs the track as the dramatic landscape provides a powerful backdrop. The song itself is taken from Teachers’ forthcoming debut LP ‘Race’.

Kristeen Young ‘Catland’ Video

There is something quite mischievous about cats. But if there was ever a kingdom ruled by felines, then Kristeen Young’s latest single ‘Catland’ will definitely be the national anthem. With that being said, Young has revealed the video for the track which is directed by Brian McClelland. If you can imagine a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland with a load of kids wearing cat masks, then you have kindly begun the process into the rolling down that trippy rabbit hole of the Young’s world of experimentalism.

Lana Del Rey ‘White Mustang’ Video

Lana Del Rey has shared the official video for her song ‘White Mustang’, which is taken from her latest LP ‘Lust for Life’. The story revolves around the highs and lows of a relationship, which finds Del Rey at times being ignored by her lover who appears to be more obsessed with making music. As somber as that sounds, there are a few loving moments in there, and we can’t forget of course the fact that the boyfriend is driving a white mustang in some clips. Yes it’s pretty literal but hey…

King Krule ‘Dum Surfer’ Video

Archy Marshall aka King Krule returns the video for his latest single ‘Dum Surfer’. Definitely on the darker side, a sickly and zombie looking Marshall and band mates perform in a venue in front of a handful people of people, mostly elder, and a stricken looking young adult. Directed by Brother Willis, the visuals are shot in a nostalgic Super 8 film styling, adding another level of grit to the video. The song is taken from King Krule’s forthcoming album ‘The OOZ’, out October 13th on XL Recordings/True Panther Sounds.

John Carpenter ‘Christine’ Video

Director John Carpenter definitely needs no introduction as some of his films are the most iconic in the world of horror. With a new album titled ‘Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998’ forthcoming October 20 via Sacred Bones, Carpenter has released a video for the theme of the flick ‘Christine’. Shot in downtown Los Angeles, a woman played by actress Rita Volk, is flagging down a classic car, quickly dashing off as a chase between her and the automobile ensue. Eventually the driver of the car convinces her to get in. You can pretty much imagine the possibilities of what could happen if you’re familiar with the original film. Check it out.