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Benjamin Clementine ‘Phantom Of Aleppoville’ Video

Over the past couple of years we have lost many of our modern day music artisans who were known for pushing the boundaries of the art form. However, Benjamin Clementine continues to carry the torch for the legacy of the creative with his latest song and video entitled ‘Phantom Of Aleppoville’. Directed by Craig McDean and Masha Vasyukova, the theatrical vid which is literally over 6 minutes long, Clementine plays the theatrical role of a phantom-like being wandering the grounds as children play Read more […]

Lea Porcelain ‘ A Year From Here’ Video

With Lea Porcelain’s LP ‘Hymns To The Night’ finally out June 16th, the Berlin-based duo now drops a touching video for the track ‘A Year From Here’. Directed by Micki Rosi Richter along with Lea Porcelain, the story revolves around a mother who is standing strong for her daughter yet is clearly dealing with a sense of personal pain. Shot in black and white, the video is a brilliant accompaniment to another great track from the group. Have a look.

Tricot ‘Tokyo Vampire Hotel’ Video

Japanese trio Tricot have been making big moves considering that their have the official soundtrack to the Amazon Prime series ‘Tokyo Vampire Hotel’. Presenting the video for the title track, the lovely ladies jam out whilst in a fancy hotel setting. They have kept it pretty straight forward which is definitely not a bad thing.

Ayo Beatz ‘Make It Right’ Video

Ayo Beatz brings forth a high level video for his single ‘Make It Right’, which is a story of a childhood crush that spawns to love. Weaving between scenes of Jordan and London, images of a young boy and girl, which represents Ayo and the love interest, blossoms up until the point where the relationship eventually comes to an end. Never forgetting her, Ayo Beatz pays her a visit to try to rekindle the love. ‘Make It Right’ is directed by Eric Myers. Read more […]

Sinead Harnett ‘Still Miss You’ Video

Sinead Harnett makes her return with a new video for her track ‘Still Miss You’. Taken from her mixtape project titled ‘Chapter One’, clips of Harnett strolling in front of a black background is pretty much the bulk of the video. Now mind you, no one on our end is complaining and quite frankly we’re pretty sure you aren’t either. After all, let us remind you that it’s Sinead Harnett…case closed. Check it out.

Mad Kings ‘Issues’ Video

By the sheer mention of the country Sweden, the first thought that will probably pop up in everyone’s head is another dominant pop cut. Well that would be quite the accurate assessment, which brings us to the band Mad Kings. Signed to Warner Bros., the foursome have released the video to their impressive cover of Julia Michael’s cover ‘Issue’. The playful vid features the boys having a good time outside, with some scenes displaying them jamming. No one can deny that this is quite the version Read more […]

VickyT ‘Ghosts’ Video

VickyT, formerly of Cobra Starship, hits us with her video ‘Ghosts’. Directed by Steve Glashier and shot in Berlin, VickyT strolls around the cold climate with a current lover yet constantly looks behind her, seemingly looking for an ex. What’s more amazing is the fact that the current guys appears to be clueless about what’s happening right next to him, literally! You can watch the video down at the bottom. Read more […]

EMA ‘Breathalyzer’ Video

EMA unveils the video for her haunting single ‘Breathalyzer’. Directed by Alicia Gordon, the story revolves around a girl and a girl riding in the backseat of a car whilst getting blasted out of their mind on drugs. Eventually the girl gets out of the car to find a restroom, eventually having to face herself and deal with her choices.

Collapsing Scenery ‘Straight World Problems’ Video

Collapsing Scenery have shared their video ‘Straight World Problems’, directed by none other than Richard Kern. Whilst there are two beautiful women doing things like taking showers, working out and well, making out, the two musicians basically stand there with a blank, robotic stares and practically no emotion. The quirkiness of the video is what makes it special, serving as the perfect visual aid to Collapsing Scenery’s 80s new wave, punk funk record. There is everything to love about this Read more […]

Ghostpoet ‘Immigrant Boogie’ Video

London’s Ghostpoet recently unveiled his latest single ‘Immigrant Boogie’, which in our opinion is one his best best recordings yet. The haunting post-punk inspired track now gets the visual treatment courtesy of Zhang + Knight. The video features a guy running from a perceived danger which isn’t necessarily apparent yet the apocalyptic environment suggests something of a brutal nature. With the song taking not only a nod at the recent crisis in Syria, but those around the globe who have put Read more […]