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Hatchie ‘Sure’ Video

Harriette Pilbeam better known as Hatchie, has been a fave among critics stemming back to her track ‘Try’. Bringing forth her second single ‘Sure’ a few weeks back, she unveils the video for the track. Directed by Joe Agius, Hatchie performs the song with her band on a set decorated with flickering television sets. Yellow lighting help to create an atmosphere that matches her dreamy sound. Have a look. Read more […]

Indigo Husk ‘Waste of a Year’ Video

London band Indigo Husk have shared their latest video ‘Waste of a Year’. Whilst the boys describe the track itself as a break up song, the lead companion in the video is well, a mannequin. Now as strange as many people may think that is, what’s really the difference between a stiff mannequin and an ex who is soulless and hollow inside? We’re just posing the question. ‘Waste of a Year’ is directed by Andy King. Read more […]

FELIN ’21St Century’ Video

In our opinion, Stockholm-based duo FELIN represent all things sexy about music and visuals. And of course, only they can take that same sexiness and use it to draw attention to deeper subject matters such as the current state of society i.e their latest video for ’21st Century’. Directed by Fredrik Etoall, clips of Elin and women representing her are filled with drinking, partying and hedonism, reflecting people’s constant need for escapism from reality. With the masses concentrating more on Read more […]

L.A. Witch ‘Drive Your Car’ Video

Los Angeles trio L.A. Witch released their self-titled LP back in September. A wonderland of garage and punk, the band now bring forth the video for their single ‘Drive Your Car’. The Allie Lane-directed vid features the three lovely ladies whipping around the desert and a couple classic cars, whilst in other scenes performing the track. It’s definitely fitting for their brand of rock & roll, with the group looking utterly cooler than most. Have a look. Read more […]

Sigrid ‘Strangers’ Video

Norwegian pop star Sigrid has rapidly become the ‘it’ girl since releasing her initial hit ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’. The Ålesund native continues to keeps her wave of momentum going strong with her latest video for the track ‘Strangers’. Directed by Ivana Bobic, you can can find Sigrid performing the track whilst continuously dancing around a various constructed studio sets. She definitely looks like she’s enjoying life. Check it out. Read more […]

Högni ‘Komdu með’ Video

Dreamy, mountainous landscapes, fire blazes and horse riding – in terms of a high level video, Icelandic artist Högni has definitely delivered and then some. Co-directing the video for his track ‘Komdu með’ himself along with Máni Sigfússon, the artist uses the surroundings of his native country to stunningly coincide with the impact and surreal elements of the song itself. ‘Komdu með’ is taken from Högni’s latest album ‘Two Trains’, which is out now.

Mint Field ‘Ojos En El Carro’ Video

With their debut album ‘Pasar De Las Luces’ set to land February 23rd via Innovative Leisure Records, Tijuana-based duo Mint Field have unveiled the video for their latest single ‘Ojos En El Carro’. Directed by Alejandra Villalba García and César Ortiz, the hauntingly artistic video, shot in black and white, reflects the idea of death and spirits as women in some clips almost represent ghostly beings, whilst almost performing a ritualistic celebration in other scenes. Check it out.

Dark Horses ‘XIII’ Video

It is quite exciting news that Dark Horses have made their return with another single. Their latest track ‘XIII’ was shared a short while back and now the group have unveiled the official video for the song. The black and white shot video stylistically draws inspiration from Fritz Lang-style of film-making and features choreographer Király creating true performance art in the streets of Berlin. Hyper-sped motion gives the video a frantic and haunting feel, complimenting the post-punk sound Read more […]

The Soft Moon ‘It Kills’ Video

California-raised, now Berlin-based Luis Vasquez, known by his moniker The Soft Moon, has shared the video for his track ‘It Kills’. The Kelsey Henderson-directed vid contains split-screen clips of Vasquez along with chaotic footage of cars smashed, barbed-wire fences, roses set on fire and more.

Shy Luv ‘Lungs’ Video

Shy Luv have unveiled the video to their song ‘Lungs’. Directed by HUMANS, the story revolves around a girlfriend who constantly crushes the heart of her lover, who in this case happens to be Karma Kid. Factor in the abuse from her and what you have is a situation that’s all bad. ‘Lungs’ is the title track of Shy Luv’s latest EP which is out now. Regarding the video, Shy Luv stated: “We wanted the video for ‘Lungs’ to really capture the feelings we were trying to create with the song, so Read more […]