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Blondie ‘Long Time’ Video

As music legends Blondie gear up for the release of their new album ‘Pollinator’, they have shared the video for their latest single ‘Long Time’. Still maintaining their undeniably cool factor, the band perform the track in sometimes stark black and white clips whilst other scenes feature shots of NYC. ‘Long Time’ is directed by Dikayl Rimmasch. Check it out.

Gurr ‘Ode to Oatmeal’ Video

We are lovers of oatmeal just as much as anyone else, however Berlin-based duo Gurr have taken it to the next level with their video ‘Ode to Oatmeal’. Directed by Luis Krummenacher, the ladies perform the song whilst relishing in the fact that oatmeal is basically falling down on them like rain. Of course the next reasonable thing to do would be to take a bath in a tub of milk, which is exactly what happens. Now in regards to the monkey puppet that pops up in the video, we can’ quite comment Read more […]

Aniya ‘Demon’ Video

After recently sharing her debut single ‘Demon’, London singer Aniya now unveils the video for the track. The dark visuals features Aniya and a dancer fighting themselves as various words such as pain and doubt are written across their bodies. In a press statement regarding the video, Aniya wrote: “I wanted to show the constant battle people face when having these self-doubting and destructive thoughts, and the impact it can have on someone. You can’t numb the demon, but you can learn Read more […]

Mozart’s Sister ‘Bump’ Video

Caila Thompson-Hannant, known by her moniker Mozart’s Sister, brings forth a sparkling dose of electronic pop with her latest track ‘Bump’. Whilst the song itself is definitely on the experimental side of the genre, the video for the tune is a weird animation which features jumping bizarre looking animals, button-pushing fingers and more. It’s sort of like going through a three minute trip through wonderland…literally.

Thomas Sekelius ‘Awakening (Acoustic)’ Video

Swedish influencer and now pop star Thomas Sekelius made his music debut with the monumental single ‘Awakening’. Refusing to slow down one bit, Sekelius has now unveiled an acoustic version of the song which is just as powerful as the original. Here is a video of him performing the track in a studio setting. Proving that you can transform any situation of darkness into a bursting wave light, 2017 continues to be a massive year for Thomas Sekelius. Have a look. Read more […]

Velvet Two Stripes ‘Hey Boy’ Video

Swiss group Velvet Two Stripes prove that the gorgeous Alps aren’t the only thing pinned to the country. With a sound comprised of unadulterated garage rock and punk, these ladies are no joke. For their latest video ‘Hey Boy’, the trio set things ablaze as they rock out on a set, which seems to be quite fitting. Directed by Tobi Siebrecht and Linda Pfenninger, you can watch the vid down at the bottom. Read more […]

ALPHAMAMA ‘Strangers in Asia’ Video

Australia’s ALPHAMAMA continues to reign on a Queen’s level with her latest video ‘Strangers in Asia’. With the track inspired by the Women’s March as well as a visit into her Indonesian heritage, the visuals feature ALPHAMAMA performing the song whilst styled like a sexy goddess. Seriously, if this isn’t the definition of power and beauty then nothing is.

Husky Loops ‘Tempo’ Video

London-based trio Husky Loops bring forth the visuals for their song ‘Tempo’. Definitely one of the more interesting videos floating about, clips of people in disarray as they battle the hands of time is the focus. Whilst there is definitely a strong sense of fear happening, eventually each person breaks from the awkward position in their flats, running into the street. The video is directed by Tom Ringsby and Husky Loops member Pietro. Have a look. Read more […]

emaé ‘Better’ Video

Anyone with remotely any amount of hearing would know that Scottish artist emaé’s voice is as soulful as they come. Having racked up a number of accolades from the media between the UK and America, the songstress has unveiled the official video for her single ‘Better’. Directed by Joe Almond, emaé performs the song whilst playing the piano in an intimate setting. ‘Better’ is taken from her forthcoming debut LP, scheduled to land this year. Have a look. Read more […]

Girls In Synthesis ‘Disappear’ Video

When it comes to bring the rugged and raw sound of punk and noise, Girls In Synthesis are at the top of our list. Having released their double A-side record ‘The Mound/Disappear’, the London trio are as core as they come. The group have now dropped the official video for ‘Disappear’ which features a messy dripping of paint on top of all three members. Directed by Camila Leme Nelson, the video was literally done in one take. Check it out.