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Majken ‘Fainted Love’ Video

Norway-raised, L.A.-based artist Majken definitely knows how to bring a ray of sunshine to any situation with her dreamy style of bursting pop. With her debut album ‘Dancing Mountains’ landing in August of this year, the stunning singer has shared the video for her track ‘Fainted Love’. Shot on Super 8 Film, Majken displays a high level of fun as she treks around the gorgeous California landscape. Eveything about the video and song feels completely perfect for the summer. Check it out.

Anna of the North ‘Lovers’ Video

Anna Of The North have unveiled the video for the title track of their upcoming debut LP ‘Lovers’. Directed by by Alexander Darby, flickering red lighting set the sensuous tone as singer Anna Lotterud stand among people dancing and passionately making out. Their are definitely sexy vibes emitting from the clips. Touching on the video Anna Lotterud wrote: “On a literal level, the video is about being lost at a house party and surrounded by couples when your own relationship has fallen apart. Read more […]

Gold Class ‘Twist In The Dark’ Video

Australia’s Gold Class will release their second album ‘Drum’ on August 18th via the Felte label. While we patiently wait for the new record, the band have shared the official video for their single ‘Twist In The Dark’. Directed by Coco and Maximilian, the visuals feature the boys jamming out, performing the song as the lighting and tones of the video change from warm to cooler.

XY&O ‘One More Night’ Video

Cardiff band XY&O have shared the video for their single ‘One More Night’. Directed by Alexander Derby, it features adult model Lauren Brock who continuously stars at herself in the mirror. As the video progresses, she eventually reveals her tattoos, seemingly representing the real person behind the reflection. You can check out the stylistically shot vid below. Read more […]

The Tambo Rays ‘Yes and No’ Video

There is just something fun and enjoyable about the music of Oakland band The Tambo Rays. Combining high-spirited pop with indie and even psychedelic, the group will release their new EP ‘Recharge’ on July 17th via OIM Records. With that being said, The Tambo Rays have also shared a video for their latest single ‘Yes and No’. Directed by Frank Door, the group peform the song whilst drapped in check attire. There is a vibrancy that completely coincides with the feel of the song itself, and we’re surely enjoying it. Check it out.

The Weeknd ‘Secrets’ Video

The Weeknd continues to ride his high streak with very sharp visuals for his track ‘Secrets’. Director Pedro Martin-Calero cleverly uses angles and shapes of rooms and buildings, as well as reflections to create an artistic and eye-engaging array of imagery as the model of the video hugs on a mysterious man before performing the same act on The Weeknd. We definitely give the visuals two thumbs up. Have a look. Read more […]

Dion Lunadon ‘Howl’ Video

NYC rocker Dion Lunadon will release his self-titled debut solo album on June 9 via Agitated Records. Bringing a heavy dose of punk in it’s purest form, he has also shared a video to accompany the single ‘Howl’. Directed by Reuben Wu, the vid features Loren Palmer frantically dancing in a forest whilst wearing a mask. Now mind you, the song is pretty energetic so what else would you do if you heard the song in the woods? You would more thank likely dance as well, now wouldn’t you? Have a look. Read more […]

Peking Duk & AlunaGeorge ‘Fake Magic’ Video

Australia’s Peking Duck join forces with Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge for the single ‘Fake Magic’. Enlisting Ellis Bahl to direct the video, clips of Peking Duk eating soup at a pub whilst watching Francis on the television is accompanied by two identical guys wearing futuristic motorcycle helmets who eventually find themselves in a dance-off. Aluna Francis later appears before running out the door in the midst of the dance-a-thon that’s taking place! Touching on the video, director Ellis Read more […]

Alexa Dark ‘Empty Drinks’ Video

Alexa Dark will release her debut EP ‘Empty Drinks/Empty Hearts’ this coming August. Having initially made her introduction with the track ‘Blur’ earlier this year, she now steps up with the official video for her latest single ‘Empty Drinks’. Keeping the visuals straight forward, the vid features Alexa jamming out and performing the cut with her band.

FELIN ‘Destruction Therapy’ Video

Stockholm’s FELIN give their track ‘Destruction Therapy’ the visual treatment. Directed by Fredrik Etoall and shot in black and white, the stark imagery feature singer Elin covered in grime as distortion creates skittering clips. The single is out now via Sony. Touching on the song, Elin Blom stated: “So what if I’m fucked up? I think we’re all fucked up in our own ways, but we’re forced by society to act a certain way, feel a certain way. Breaking out of that box isn’t easy. So we just Read more […]