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Madilyn Bailey Interview

There are some artists who were simply blessed with overall star-like qualities. Singer, songwriter and musician Madilyn Bailey happens to be one of those beings. Possessing not only an amazing voice with a gorgeous look to coincide, there is a warming humbleness that feels like she can be your best friend. Factor in her years of hard work combined with quality producing music as well as videos, and what you have is a winning combination of someone larger than life who has the world at her fingertips.

Stina Stjern Interview

Stina Stjern defines the very idea of versatility. The Norwegian-born singer and musician creates cinematic and dreamy soundscapes that is lifted with imaginative songwriting all carried through her tender vocals.

Whilst Stina Stjern’s music can be described as an intersection of pop and indie, her rich background includes her classically trained jazz education, her tenure in the experimental Norwegian rock band Quintrophenia, as well as being a member of the all-female punk meets riot rock band Supervixen. Having pushed boundaries with both groups, Stjern’ amalgamation of sound as solo artist was born after a move to Copenhagen where she recorded her self-titled EP, a blend of intricate pop, folk and rock.

Chloë Rona Interview

Chloë Rona is a name that you will get to know rather quickly. The London-based singer who effortlessly weaves between the sounds of dark pop, electronica and RnB is definitely ready to skyrocket to the top, sharing her song ‘Games’ back in 2016. She went on to drop stellar tracks such as ‘F.I.A’, the seductive cut ‘Muse’, as well as featured on the Casio McCombs single ‘Bad Things’. Having studied Popular Music Performance Vocals, she stylistically brings a sexy edge whilst armed with mountainous amounts of vocal talent that fit together like a hand in glove. It’s this overall package that makes her target for stardom a bullseye aim with the arrow already in motion.

Dave Koor of The Expansions Interview

Throughout the UK the sound of jazz music has been an integral part of inspiring some of the country’s most rooted and forward-thinking scenes. Whether it be DJs like Gilles Peterson and Chris Bangs laying down a foundation for the acid jazz movement in the late 80s that would go on to also encompass soul and Hip-Hop or the likes of 4Hero, Goldie and LTJ Bukem who fused jazz into drum and bass, charging with a Herbie Hancock aim of futurism, the music has flowed into various sub-genres even at times when it wasn’t the most fashionable in its traditional state. The broken beat community would go on to use the music as a backbone for a universe leaping style of production dripping with sophistication with artists such as 4Hero, Bugs In The Attic, IG Culture and a slew of others meshing that which is complex yet grooving. With the current state of music being dominated by trap-oriented sonics and synth-piercing pop, South London’s The Expansions are continuing to push the legacy of jazz and funk-stirred rhythms that are not only core but boundary pushing in the same breath.

Bishat Interview

There is no denying the sonic distinction of modern pop music coming out of Sweden. With a reputation that includes sharp synth work and stadium style choruses, the Scandi-pop sound is a magnet for chart success. Whilst it could be easy for a Swedish artist to get caught up in a formulaic web, Stockholm-based singer and producer Bishat is definitely not afraid of trekking down alternate routes. From dark pop to soul, she has proven on numerous occasions that she is as versatile as they come with a power packing voice that can practically carry any rhythm.

Hero Fisher Interview

Hero Fisher is not just an artist whose memorable birth name implies a destiny of greatness, yet rather one that has already begun to show the world her majestic creativity through music, as well as visuals. Her voice is beyond gorgeous with a vivid and imaginative songwriting ability that has been compared to the likes of giants such as Leonard Cohen. Based in London, the Parisian-raised act confidently defies the idea of music genres, creating more of a soundscape that is fitting to the mood of her story. The package is a weaving journey that is powerfully driven, and one where the listener comfortably submits to Fisher’s command of the destination.

CC Honeymoon Interview

If the music of his previous band Virgin Kids represented a sonic explosion of youthful urgency pushed by fiery punk and garage rock, as a solo artist CC Honeymoon’s current sound is an introspective journey examining love, lust and more, powered by seducing pop, electro and new wave rhythms that are hypnotically gripping. Having released his lush debut single ‘Part Time View’ actually under the moniker of CC Honeymoon a couple months back, his follow-up track ‘In The Night’ is a hedonistic and passionate voyage into the experience of the physical connections between two. What could be the soundtrack of a dark, exclusive club full of erotic activities or just a room in a flat where two bodies meet, the song is a pleasurable trek through image-provoking sound. In a way, CC Honeymoon reflects the idea of liberation – a freedom to organically create, a freedom to be that of the most organic and pure. Only just the beginning of this musical travel as a solo act, we’re all up for taking the ride.

Everything by Electricity Interview

London-based Everything by Electricity is a group who have been captivating listeners for over the past four years now. Fronted by Siberia-raised singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and founder Yulia Bizyukova, along with drummer Manoela Alencastro and Daniel on bass and synths, the group capture everything lush, warm and frankly great about dream pop. Sew in linings of new wave and indie and what you get is EbE’s otherworldly and rich sound that bursts through the speakers with sheer gaiety.

So Below Interview

Madeline North, who records under the moniker of So Below, has been capturing fans and music critics alike since making her grand debut with the song ‘Drift’ a couple years back. Fostering her goth-pop sound, the New Zealand-born bombshell elegantly takes listeners on a voyage using nocturnal rhythms as the soundscape.

PILLARS Interview

PILLARS’ music represents an introspective reflection of the self – past, present and future. Inspired by the Christian pillarists’ mission of self-discovery, the Lancaster-raised, now London-based singer has also taken flight on a personal journey of exploration.