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ColoRising Interview with I Am Willow

To many I Am Willow may be new to the music scene, however, the Malta-born, London-based singer had already established herself in the business writing Number 1 hit records for artists such as Auryn and Sweet California, working with one of Japan’s biggest selling artists Koda Kumi and winning Best Female Artist and Best Songwriter at the 2009 Malta Music Awards. Whilst that in itself is already worth its weight in gold, I Am Willow has also wowed the likes of iconic singer Annie Lennox, who she sang for. The fact is, music runs through the veins of this artisan and she treats it like a masterful painter concentrating on every fine stroke of the brush. From the sonic to the visual aspect, I Am Willow represents that of heart, soul and beauty.

ColoRising Interview with Georgie K

The city of Manchester has always been on fire when it comes to music. Whether Brit pop, house music or even Hip-Hop and grime, there remains a particular energy that can’t be denied.

DJ Georgie K is one of the big DJs in Manchester who rapidly made a name for herself blazing the Hip-Hop, R&B and Grime circuit. Aside from burning up the clubs with the hottest sounds in the scene, she is also one the top Presenters on Manchester’s Unity Radio, with her show on air every Wednesday 7-9 pm.

ColoRising Interview with The So So Glos

Whilst Ann Arbor and Detroit acts such as The Stooges and the MC5 were precursors to what would inspire bands to create a sound known as punk rock, the proper formation of the movement took place in New York City in the early 70s. Groups like The New York Dolls and The Velvet Underground went on to further lay a foundation for the scene with bands like Television, The Ramones and Patti Smith elevating the culture to new heights, eventually creating an international buzz. This legacy of the grit and grind, the hustle and the New York DIY ethic is one that Brooklyn band The So So Glos know oh so well. They are the now generation of rockers proudly flying the flag for NYC with a spirit and sound that is energetic and resonant.

ColoRising Interview with Margaux Avril

Margaux Avril is a renaissance woman with the arts radiating from every inch of her being. Whilst making her mark in music with pop singles like ‘L’air de rien’, the Parisian singer, songwriter, musician, photographer and model is a multi-disciplinary powerhouse whose passion for simultaneously creating something meaningful and beautiful is as apparent as the day sky is blue.

ColoRising Interview with FELIN

Stockholm’s FELIN represent all that one would imagine to coincide with the idea of Scandinavian beauty and the life that comes with being a musician and a rock star photographer. Comprised of singer/songwriter Elin Blom and photographer, filmmaker, as well as creative director Fredrik Etoall, the duo are presenting audible and visual mediums to the audience in the most chic and sleek way possible.

ColoRising Mixes 28: Rudie Edwards

With an entrancing voice as golden as honey, there is an uncanny power to every square inch of Rudie Edwards’ being. Drop dead gorgeous with a sultry yet playful flair, the London-based artist has already ignited a flame in the music business writing for the likes of CeeLo Green and Erik Hassle, just to name a few. Whilst one would assume that penning songs alongside mainstream giants would entice her to follow a particular pop formula for her own music, Edwards has proven out the gate that not only has she crafted her own sexy sound that can compete with anything on the charts, but as an artist, well…she isn’t like anyone else.

ColoRising Mixes 27: Red Rosamond

Red Rosamond immediately commands attention – visually striking red hair, a stark beauty and a distinct, classic elegance possessed by past starlets. With all of her positive physical attributes, when she opens her mouth to sing, you began to understand that she is more than just good looks, but rather a vocal powerhouse whose voice blasts with soul and emotion. The Los Angeles-based artist first gave the world a grandeur introduction with her song ‘Looks Can Kill’, an epic pop meets shimmering soul tune that was technically fitting for a major motion picture. Her latest single ‘Damn’ continues her streak of mountainous production and lifting vocals, all containing a timeless flair. It would be an understatement to say that Red Rosamond will completely dominate music, but to watch the process will be a part of the joy.

ColoRising Interview with TRUE

Bern, Switzerland-based Dani Sarda and Rico Baumann make up the dynamic group TRUE. Both seasoned jazz musicians, the team have brought their sleek craftsmanship to the sound of electronica, resulting in a stylistic melting pot of various moods, tones and genre, cooked into their own seasoned dish.

ColoRising Interview with Incisive

In the 90s emcees such as Roots Manuva and Blak Twang helped to establish worldwide credibility of Hip-Hop coming out of the UK. Whilst delivering clever lyricism and stories coming from an English perspective, the next generation of British rappers completely and unapologetically kicked open the door, playing by their own rules. This lot of lyricists included acts such as Ms. Dynamite, Sway DaSafo, J2K and of course Incisive. Hailing from West London, Incisive has been on a steady mission of bringing forth the best Hip-Hop music possible, proving more than equal to his respective counterparts across the Atlantic.

ColoRising Interview with Lovestarrs

Words by Art Jefferson Photography by Marc Sethi Change is inevitable, but it’s how one surfs the waves of transformation which determines the ride of destiny. Siblings Sarah and Hamish McIntosh are one of the few music groups who make change look inspiring. Whilst establishing themselves in music years ago as members of The Good Natured along with friend George Hinton, a bout with record label politics was instrumental in the pair restructuring, re-branding and dictating their own path, Read more […]