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Gus Harvey Makes Her Debut with ‘Witches’

There is something spellbinding about Gus Harvey. Hailing from East Anglia but now based in London, her voice is sultry with a beyond confident approach that is utterly enticing. Making her debut with the head-nodding single ‘Witches’, Harvey proves that she is not the one to double-cross, with revenge being a sweet one. Currently working on her album, Gus Harvey’s ‘Witches’ is produced by Subculture Sounds and released via Twisted Hearts Records. Have a listen. Read more […]

Stream H.Grimace’s New Single ‘Call It Out’

London band H.Grimace will release their debut album ‘Self Architect’ on April 7th via Opposite Number. Having already created a buzz with their ‘Royal Hush’ release back in 2016, the group now shares their explosive single ‘Call It Out’. Rocking out with a sharp stab of alternative mixed with a dash of post punk, sonically the foursome is in pure stealth mode with powerful contant and no-nonsense production that is more than exciting.

Desperate Journalist Share Their New Single ‘Be Kind’

North London’s Desperate Journalist are on the verge of releasing their second album ‘Grow Up’. Landing the 24th of March via Fierce Panda, their previous singles taken from the LP are now followed-up with a new and quite graceful tune entitled ‘Be Kind’. Built around the capturing vocals of Jo Bevan, serene guitar strokes morph into an epic build-up of alt bliss, solidifying there reputation as one of the top bands rising from the DIY scene to the mainstream. ‘Be Kind’ is out now. Have a listen.

Listen to The Coathanger’s Punk Track ‘Captain’s Dead’

Whilst the city of Atlanta may have a stake on the sound of trap music, there is a bubbling punk scene that is happening beneath the surface. One of the groups that are at the forefront of the punk circuit in the ATL are the threesome known as The Coathangers. Forming in 2006, these rockers have released a number of 7″ records as well as three LPs over their decade span. With their forthcoming ‘Parasite’ EP out June 30th via Suicide Squeeze, they have shared one of the songs taken from the release entitled ‘Captain’s Dead’. A spicy delivery in content, sing-a-long hooks and clever instrumentation makes this another winner for the trio.

Stream Sharkmuffin’s New Track ‘Space Glow’

On the New York side of things, Brooklyn band Sharkmuffin have been dropping a load of excellent punk, noise and garage rock tracks for a number of years. Their 2013 debut EP ‘She-Gods of Champagne Valley’ was an energetic marathon of raw and in your face garage that was jumping with force and attitude. That same year they also dropped the ‘1097’ EP. 2015 saw the release of Sharkmuffin’s debut LP ‘Chartreuse’, further imprinting their core sound which featured a modern day punk fury mixed with classic elements of the genre.

Annabel Allum Returns with ‘Rich Backgrounds’

Singer Annabel Allum has been one to watch since her sharing her song ‘Foxes’ a couple years back. Following-up with a series of brilliant alternative cuts including ‘Tricks’, which was released last summer via Killing Moon Records, Allum makes her return with the bold cut ‘Rich Backgrounds’. Produced by Adrian Hall, the song shoots with energy as the spicy electric guitar riffs streak about as Annabel Allum drops feisty vocals, punchy and edgy. This is definitely a massive return for the promising artist.

Check Out Breanna Barbara’s Cover of the Melanie Safka Track ‘Some Say (I Got Devil)’

Breanna Barbara has been wowing music lovers and magazines alike for quite a number of years now. The Florida-raised, NYC-based stunner has been dishing out a garage/blues-mixed sound that is blazing with excitement. Now Barbara turns up the heat even more with her cover of Melanie Safka’s cut ‘Some Say (I Got Devil)’. Just as razor sharp as the original version, the song is a taster as we patiently await her forthcoming LP ‘Mirage Dreams’, which is produced by Andrija Tokic. You can stream ‘Some Say (I Got Devil)’ down at the bottom.

Listen to Bryde’s Latest Alternative Track ‘Less’

We have been raving about Bryde for some time now. Having brought forth her ‘EP2’ release at the end of last year, her latest single ‘Less’ is a feisty, guitar-driven gem of alternative that is aided by hard thumping drums with Bryde’s unmistakable vocals packing a heavy punch. Remaining one of our top pick artists of the past couple years, Bryde seems to only get better with each record. Stream ‘Less’ below.