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Batz’s ‘Gameshow Queen’ is Another Fire Hot Offering From the Australian Band

Again, we have been a solid champion of the Melbourne outfit Batz for quite a while now. Not only have their music been overly consistent since literally before even properly releasing an EP, but each time they do unveil a song, the band seem to get better than before, which is a hard feat considering their track record. Proving yet again that they are far from slacking, their latest single ‘Gameshow Queen’ is another blazing jam packed with feisty attitude and a rock and roll glam that the collective Read more […]

Carmen Villain Teams Up with Jenni Hval for the Haunting Track ‘Borders’

Carmen Villain and experimental art-pop star Jenny Hval have come together for the haunting track ‘Borders’. Dark in production, the mood of the song brilliantly coincides with the climate of these modern times in which Villian touches on – racism, fear and the idea of border patrols. Ghostly vocals float around the tune as Hval adds her magic to the chorus, making this nothing short of a brilliant piece of work.

Slothrust Rocks Hard with ‘Milking The Snake’

Brooklyn band Slothrust are rock & roll to the core with a strong background in jazz. Harking back to their 2012 debut release ‘Feels Your Pain’ straight to their 2016 LP ‘Everyone Else’, the sophistication of instrumentation lends credence to their roots. The group now share their song ‘Milking The Snake’, a B-side track to their last record. Merging the hard guitar style of Black Sabbath with grunge-punk steerings, these NYC rockers can’t do any wrong at the moment. Have a listen.

Listen to Lauran Hibberd’s ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’

Whilst there is a youthful spirit bubbling within Lauran Hibberd’s music, there is something also extremely mature, approaching her art with a skilled craftsman who has been recording for ages. Her latest single ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’ is a brilliant and shining example of Hibberd’s playful vocal delivery placed on top of upbeat indie folk production that simply makes you feel the utmost of warmth inside.

Norma Return with Their Lifting Track ‘Spectacular Bid’

It’s been four years since Swedish band Norma released their second LP ‘The Invisible Mother’. Having built a solid reputation for their Krautrock style, the group is now set to bring forth a third album landing later this year. The first single taken from the album is their new single titled ‘Spectacular Bid’. Whilst haunting guitar strums coexit with vocal sample of horse race commentary, dreamy pop melodies create a seductive balance between a thin light and dark line which runs dead in the middle. You can stream ‘Spectacular Bid’ below. Have a listen.

FAERS’ Unveil Their Magnetic New Track ‘Last of Our Kind’

For a year now, London band FAERS have been an outfit that have grown in sound literally every song shared. Whilst there previous recording ‘Everything You Know’ demonstrated the group’s fine ability to spawn a catchy indie pop cut, their latest single ‘Last of Our Kind’ is arguably their best track yet, as they have comprised one truly sophisticated, perfectly polished and lifting hybrid of indie and pop. With each guitar riff allowed the proper amount of space, running drum kicks remaining Read more […]

The Barr Brothers Celebrate the Core of Rock & Roll with Their New Track ‘It Came to Me’

The Barr Brothers recently shared their epic song ‘You Would Have to Lose Your Mind’, the first gunner from their upcoming album ‘Queens of the Breakers’, landing October 13th. Now the Montreal band fire up the burners with an unadulterated slice of pure rock & roll with their second offering ‘It Came to Me’. Diving into the core roots of the sound, letting the blues influence shine, smokey vocals flow fluid with spirited drums and fiery guitar lines. The Barr Brothers have surely hit the target smack dab in the middle with this one.

SLØTFACE Share Their Latest Single ‘Pitted’

Norwegian band SLØTFACE have shared their new single ‘Pitted’ what some could argue is the soundtrack to the idea of giving the middle finger to going out, rather opting to stay at home. Flawlessly blending the sounds of pop and revving alternative with punk undertones, the track is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut LP ‘Try Not To Freak Out’, landing September 15th on Propeller Recordings.

Nearly Native Team Up with FEMME for ‘Colour’

James Leggett joins forces with FEMME for the summer scorcher of a track titled ‘Colour’. Hot stepping with a combo of UK garage, broken beat and club, the track rumbles a bubbling, deep bassline, spacey synths and vocal weaves that all add up to a smoking hot tune. This is a blazing debut from the budding London-based producer. Have a listen. Read more […]