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Stream Leiik’s Moody Cut ‘Window’

Amy Spencer of Junk Son and Bicep fame and Avi Barath are the spearheads of the group Leiik. Having released their self-titled debut EP back in February of last year, the group make their return with the moody single ‘Window’. The hauntingly intriguing and tender offering is spacious soundscape of moody electronica. Out June 9 via squareglass, you can stream the track down at the bottom. Read more […]

Allure Shares His Sparkling Single ‘Opera’

At this point, whenever Parisian producer Allure shares a new track, we’re guaranteed to be in for a treat. His latest bit is a song called ‘Opera’ which taps into the realm of house music, draped with his signature French touch of twinkling electronica that is grooving and sexy all in the same breath. The song follows Allures recently shared song ‘The Only One’. You can listen to ‘Opera’ below. Read more […]

Stream White Room’s ‘Take Me Away’

Brighton band White Room first stepped into the scene with their psych/punk/alternative cut ‘You’ll See’, the lead-off bit to their debut EP ‘Fizzy Liquid’. Since then, the group have gone on to release more shoegaze oriented tunes that have been no less stellar. Returning with their new double AA side record which includes the song ‘Stole The I.V’, White Room have shared their second some from the release entitled ‘Take Me Away’. The wind soaring track is sprinkled with bits of 90s alternative with a twist of modern psychedelic. White Room is surely a band who should be on your radar. Have a listen.

Sextile Share Their Dark, Racing Single ‘One of These’

L.A. band have announced the release of their second LP ‘Albeit Living’. Out July 4th, the ten song album follows their debut record ‘A Thousand Hands’. One of the songs featured on the upcoming work is the dark and heavy cut ‘One of These’. Shining the light on the subject of addiction, musically the track glides between revving post-punk and new wave. Loaded with raging guitar lines and thundering drums, this tune will surely raise a few pulses. You can stream ‘One of These’ below.

Listen to Dumb Lovers’ Lush Single ‘Jessie’

Bournemouth band Dumb Lovers glide between classic new wave, lush pop and modern indie, emitting a sound that is quite warming. Making their debut last month with the track ‘Oscar’, the duo have now shared their new single ‘Jessie’. Laced with silky guitar riffs and tender vocals, the song is a nice hark back to an early 80s sound without the intentional throwback. Touching on the song, in a press statement Dumb Lovers mentioned: “‘Jessie’ is about people who give up on dreams and Read more […]

Listen to Attic Giant’s Cinematic Tune ‘Blow’

Launched by Daniel Tischler, Attic Giant is the exciting Vienna-based band weaving between the sounds of brilliantly arranged indie, folk and pop. Their debut single ‘Blow’ is a sample of what the group have coming down the pipeline. A cinematic journey bursting at the seams with full scale arrangements including strings, guitars and even a brass section, Attic Giant are a group that is surely going to leave a huge mark in music this year.

Hugh Unveil Their Bubbling New Single ‘Go’

As London band Hugh prepare for the release of their debut album ‘Love, Hugh’, the group have shared a new song taken from the LP entitled ‘Go’. Bubbling with a summertime feel, the song straddles the line of pop and club, pumping with a bouncing bass line and milky synths to coincide with Izzy Brooks and Joshua Idehen’s allulring vocal compliments.

Non-Human Persons Shares Her Ethereal Cut ‘Poppies’

Unveiling her ‘Criminal’ EP over a month ago, Berlin’s Non-Human Persons returns with a moody and surreal electronic gem titled ‘Poppies’. Built around electric synths, shifting drum patterns and Non-Human Person’s melodic vocals, the spacey bit is another stellar offering from the bold and unquestionably brilliant creative. Have a listen.

Katiya Falcone Drops Her Debut Track ‘Lust Is A Ride’

Katiya Falcone makes a grand debut with her single ‘Lust Is A Ride’. Working with none other than Ed Harcourt, who produced the song, Falcone stuns with sensual vocals as the musical palette sways with a blues meets garage pop working. Scheduled to release an EP later this year, ‘Lust Is A Ride’ is a crossing of the t’s and dotting of the i’s with Katiya Falcone already gunning for the top position in music. Touching on the song, Katiya Falcone stated: “‘Lust Is A Ride Through Hell’ is Read more […]

Youngr Unveils Upbeat Single ‘Monsters’

We can always count on musician and singer Youngr to lift our spirits whenever he drops a new track. His latest pop wonder piece is entitled ‘Monsters’. Dedicated to all of the kids who were day dreamers at school, the upbeat track embedded with electro-pop, funk and dance is another vivid and utterly clever package from the genius artist. ‘Monsters’ is out now on Island Records. Read more […]