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CHILDCARE Deliver Social Commentary on ‘Big Man’

London band CHILDCARE have been pumping out top quality songs harking back to their tune ‘Omega Grey’ a couple years back. The group make their return with a piece of social commentary in their new single ‘Big Man’. Lead by a haunting guitar riff, the song progresses into a dark post-punk offering that properly soundtracks the current state of global politics. CHILDCARE step up with their best work yet. The track is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Luckyucker’.

Eliza Shaddad Returns with Her New Single ‘White Lines’

London singer Eliza Shaddad is gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated debut album ‘Future’. While that in itself is exciting news, she has also dropped a taste of what to expect with her new single ‘White Lines’. Like the quality of music that Shaddad has consistently delivered, ‘White Lines’ is an astounding and organically crafted slice of indie powered by her versitile vocal presentation, urgent guitar riffs and power-hitting drumming. Produced by Chris Bond, ‘White Lines’ is another excellent cut from one London’s powerful and needed artists.

Jesse Jo Stark’s Delivers Premium Rock with ‘Fire Of Love’

Photo by Alana O’Herlihy Los Angeles-based singer Jesse Jo Stark is no slacker when it comes to recording all-out good rock & roll music. Having dropped killer songs like ‘Down Your Drain’ and ‘April Flowers’, just to name a few, her latest single ‘Fire Of Love’ ups the ante as she packs a heavyweight’s punch of stellar rock magic. Full of seductive sass with epic production to match, Stark has definitely pumped out a winner with this one. Out now via Sugar Jones Music, you can stream the track Read more […]

Listen to TZARA’s Soulful Rework of ‘Storm’

If you check the music history of Cape Town producer TZARA, one thing that you’ll find is her work rate of creating tracks is on another level. It should also be noted that musical palette is a diverse at they come. Experimenting with a wide array of electronica, her latest track is a soulful and jazzy house flip of the 1985 Rare Silk song ‘Storm’, which is taken from their LP ‘American Eyes’ released on Palo Alto Records.

Stream Deux Trois’ Brilliant Debut ‘Late Night Girls’

Canadian trio Deux Trois is comprised of Nadia Pacey, Ben Webb and Benjamin Nelson. Having all established themselves in separate bands, this new project treads between steamy alternative and nocturnal pop. According to Deux Trois, their new single ‘Late Night Girls’ is about those lonely evenings of masturbation and porn. Whilst obviously this can be interpreted literally or metaphorically, the song creates a juxtaposition of modern day pop music which tends to regurgitate topics hyper-sexuality. Read more […]

Deidre & the Dark Shares Her Cinematic Pop Track ‘Unerasable Love’

Known for her work with the band Savoir Adore, Deidre Muro has also been recording for a number of years under the moniker of Deidre & the Dark, her side project. Sharing her upbeat song ‘Come On’ a couple months back, she returns with the sensual and cinematic track ‘Unerasable Love’. What sounds like a theme from a spy film, the lush orchestration boasts an air of classicism whilst fusing modern sound pieces of drum and bass throughout the production. Deidre & the Dark’s vocal delivery of jazz Read more […]

Stream Lowes’ Touching Single ‘Here We Are’

Back in 2016 Lowes released their beautiful single ‘Awake At Night’. Moody and atmospheric, the band have now re-emerged with a strong follow-up titled ‘Here We Are’. Another lush soundscape, the gorgeously crafted work is an emotive journey that would surely please fans of groups like The xx and London Grammar. Touching on the single, Lowes stated: “‘Here We Are’ is about those times when you force yourself to stop for a moment, and recognise just where you are in a certain time and place. Read more […]

Lea Porcelain Share Their Latest Track ‘Can I Really Decide’

Berlin-based duo Lea Porcelain have released their self-titled EP. Having already given fans a previous taste with their song ‘If Time Was On My Side’ less than a month ago, the pair now unveil another track entitled ‘Can I Really Decide’. Whilst their signature post-punk framework is still firmly in place, musically their production is expansive, incorporating ambient alternative with tinges of acid weaved throughout. Lea Porcelain continue to be at the forefront of post-punk progression. Regarding Read more […]

Charles Unveils His Atmospheric Track ‘Relax My Mind’

About a year ago, London singer Charles first came on our radar with his funky cut ‘Red.Green.Gold’. Having recently shared his soulful tune ‘Darker Shade Of Green’, Charles makes his return with another glorious track called ‘Relax My Mind’. Spacey and atmospheric, the seducing song is smooth as honey, with Charles delivering a hypnotic performance like no one’s business. This single would put a smile on the late great Prince’s face. Have a listen. Read more […]

ORCHARDS’ ‘Luv You 2’ is Lifting

Brighton band ORCHARDS have signed to the Big Scary Monsters imprint. Set to unveil more news on coming material, the band have shared their latest single ‘Luv You 2’. A bubbling and exploding burst of lively indie pop, the song is stacked with catchy vocals and epic build ups that is musically enchanting. ‘Luv You 2’ is currently out now.