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South London’s Luca Makes His Debut with the Cinematic ‘Wales’

South London singer Luca makes a grand debut with his breath-taking new single ‘Wales’. Poetical lyrics combined with Leonard Cohen-esque story telling, soar alongside the sky dancing, cinematic production which is nothing short of spectacular. Currently working with producer Dan Brown on his forthcoming LP, Luca definitely has our full attention. Touching on the single, Luca mentioned: “‘Wales’ is the story of not being quite ready when you find the thing you truly love, and just missing Read more […]

Stream Party Hardly’s ‘Living In Moths’

Whilst listening to the news on a daily basis can provoke high levels of pessimism, Leeds band Party Hardly have pretty much created an enjoyable way to deal with the gloom. Their latest single ‘Living In Moths’ is an alternative meets grunge delight that delivers a few hopeless stories that make optimism seem quite morbid. The Alex Greaves-produced ‘Living In Moths’ is out now. Touching on the track, Party Hardly mentioned: “Living In Moths’ is about how depressing the news can be sometimes Read more […]

Oscar Jerome Shares His Latest Single ‘Subdued’

South London-based Oscar Jerome has shared his new single ‘Subdued’. With a sound harking back to the glorious days of future jazz, Jerome incorporates a Hip-Hop approach with soulful swagger that is brilliantly executed all the while not straying too far from traditionalism. There is something completely refreshing about what the rising artist is pumping out as he is also delivering content ripe with substance. Touching on ‘Subdued’, Oscar Jerome stated: “I wanted to try and comment on Read more […]

On The Wane Deliver Shoegaze & Post-Punk from Ukraine with ‘Human Race’

Kyiv band On The Wane have been on the scene for a couple years now, bringing forth incredible sounds of post-punk, shoegaze and noise rock. Releasing their album ‘Dry’ back in 2014 with their EP ‘Sick’ having landed in 2015. Raw and as core as they come, On The Wane are indeed top gunners musically. With their forthcoming album ‘Schism’ out November 20th, the group have shared their latest single ‘Human Race’. Bridging all of the elements from their previous work with a splash of alternative, the nocturnal cut soothes with a melodic bass line whilst turning up the angst with their artful noise shifts. This is another stellar presentation from the Ukrainian foursome.

Frank Addai’s Shares His Soulful Tune ‘Feeling You’

London’s Frank Addai delivers a real scorcher with his new single ‘Feeling You’. Driving down the road of rich, soulful house, the Solarium-produced song works perfectly for the club or simply for solo listening pleasure. Addai hits the nail on the head with a songle that makes you feel great to be alive. In a press statement regarding ‘Feeling You’, Frank Addai mentioned: “The song stemmed from a simple phone call I had with Solarium, about my desire to create some soulful House music Read more […]

Listen to PARKER’s Hot Single ‘Doubles’

London singer PARKER has been moving on the scene for a few years now. Kicking in the door with early tracks like ‘Night Flights’ and ‘Boy’, the artist makes her return with a fierce single titled ‘Doubles’. Stripped back in all the right ways, the seductive blues rock meets soul is an excellent comeback and follow-up from her previous dark pop track ‘Runs & Rides’. Stream ‘Doubles’ below. Read more […]

Eloïse Brings Forth Her Lush Single ‘Now He Wears White’

Eloïse yet again displays her maturity as an artist with her best work to date – her latest single ‘Now He Wears White’. With her sultry vocals completely reeling in the listener from the start, the moody electronic pop tune is a strong critique on people’s obsession with celebrity culture. Delivering the song with utter confidence and command, Eloïse is what’s needed in music at the moment. Have a listen. Read more […]

Fehm Share Their New Post-Punk Track ‘Human Age’

Leeds band Fehm make what we like to call, glorious post punk. With a slew of incredible recordings under their belt, their latest track ‘Human Age’ feels needed in this day and age. What can be considered a time of uncertainty, the song is a soundtrack to questioning and action needed to navigate the now. Pushed by stark post-punk and cold wave sonics, there is everything to love about this track and Fehm themselves. The tune is taken from their double A-side release ‘Human Age / Last Breath’. Have a listen.

Stream Evelinn Trouble’s Lush Single ‘Sunset Everytime’

Swiss-born, now Berlin-based singer and artist Evelinn Trouble continues to push through any boundaries of normality with her latest single ‘Sunset Everytime’. A woozy and hazy taste of alt-pop, the song is the closing of a chapter and the start of a new beginning, which was a manifestation in Trouble’s personal life. Swaying 50s guitar riffs coincide with light drumming as the song morphs into a haunting dreamlike state.

Listen to KOY’s Enchanting Single ‘Run’

Victoria Trunova better known as KOY, is undoubtedly one of our top choice artists who blends originality and a passion for creating, fostering ear-grabbing pieces of music that is like fine art. Stepping forth with her second single entitled ‘Run’, the Berlin-based singer bridges an 80s pop and new wave style with forward-thinking electronica, again producing an infectious and overly stunning recording that we simply can’t get enough of. You can stream ‘Run’ below.