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Ghostpoet Returns with ‘Immigrant Boogie’

It’s been two years since Mercury-nominated artist Ghostpoet released his critically acclaimed album ‘Shedding Skin’. Having consistently taken his sound in various directions, the magical question was, where would Ghostpoet sonically venture with a new release? His new single ‘Immigrant Boogie’ finds the South London native treading the waters of darker, post-punk-driven production. Touching on the delicate topic of men and women crossing borders for a better life, the haunting soundscape provides the perfect backing for Ghostpoet’s narrative which coincides brilliantly with the current political climate.

Stream Colour of Spring’s New Shoegaze Cut ‘Echoes’

Having dropped a number of records over the past two years, Leeds band Colour of Spring return with another hazy shoegaze cut titled ‘Echoes’. Taken from their self-titled EP landing April 21 on House of Love Records, the tune, stacked with fuzzy guitar riffs and the serene vocals of Shane Hunter, is perfectly fitting for a mellow summer day in the sun as the content revolves around stepping out of the blissful moments as a child and now transitioning into adulthood, and everything that comes with it.

EMA Shares Her Powerful Single ‘Aryan Nation’

Never one to shy away from important political or sociological topics, Portland-based artist Erika M. Anderson aka EMA makes her return with another slice of commentary with her new track ‘Aryan Nation’. Placing a spotlight on places in Middle America where anger towards others has been manifested through hard times resulting in a twisted form of patriotism, the song is taken from EMA’s forthcoming LP ‘Exile In The Outer Ring’, out August 25 via City Slang Records. Below is a lyric video of the track which was created by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson.

Listen to CHILDCARE’s Latest Indie Track ‘Dust’

Dealing with the subject of the end of all mankind isn’t necessarily the first topic of conversation at the dinner table. However, in their latest single ‘Dust’, CHILDCARE’s take on the gloomy issue for some reason has a positive side. If you never achieve certain goals in life such as bring wealthy, physically looking a certain way or what have you, the London band’s message is, have no fear, soon will reach their demise. Whilst on the surface it doesn’t appear to be the most optimistic, the stripped back indie cut sways with an undeniable groove that almost makes you look forward to the coming occurrence.

Cherée Shares Her Dazzling Cut ‘For Me’

London vocalist Cherée follows-up her silky track ‘I Will Be There’ with a future forward splash of electronica and soul entitled ‘For Me’. Bouncy drums, a deep shifting bass line and lightly spread synths are the back palette as Cherée’s soulful voice guides the track like a Captain comfortably controlling a ship through the night. Her best song yet, ‘For Me’ is peppy and insanely melodic treat from the rising star. Touching on the track Cherée wrote: “‘For Me’ was about me trusting Read more […]

Stream Sharkmuffin’s ‘Scully Is A Sharkmuffin’

When it comes to music on the heavier sound of punk, drone and more, NYC punk duo Sharkmuffin have no problem delivering it to the fullest. With their new album ‘Tsuki’ landing May 5th via Little Dickman Records, the Brooklyn band have shared a new song entitled ‘Scully Is A Sharkmuffin’. A powering blast of sludge-thundering rock, streaking guitars and echoing screams help drive this haunting bit that hits you like a blow to the chest. Below is a stream of ‘Scully Is A Sharkmuffin’. Have a listen.

Listen to PLAZA’s New EP ‘Wernotplaza’

Hartlepool band PLAZA reflect the important voices of British youth and their take on the current state of the country, the journey into adulthood and the overall dealings of life from the perspective of Generation Y millennials. However, musically PLAZA’s sound is as up to par as anyone triple their age. Having shared their track ‘Deep In My Head’ a few weeks back, the group have now unveiled their new EP ‘Wernotplaza’. Four tracks in total which include a remix of ‘Totem’ courtesy of joegarratt, the record is a daring and grandeur offering from the young rockers that are one of the most promising bands out at the moment.

Check Out The Physics House Band’s Psych Furious Cut ‘Obidant’

Throughout the past four years The Physics House Band have delivered some incredible psychedelic and art-rock tunes. With their new song ‘Obidant’, the Brighton trio up the speed of their sound, spawning a more aggressive and racing psychedelic handing. Pushing the tempo practically pass that of a speed metal track, ‘Obidant’ demonstrates the group’s range and versatility which is surely refreshing and exciting. Regarding the song, Adam Hutchinson stated: “‘Obidant’ is about taking violent Read more […]

BEAK> Share Their New Track Titled ‘Sex Music’

When BEAK> bring forth new music, it’s always interesting to see the direction that they are venturing in. They’re latest track ‘Sex Music’ is a murky and experimental dealing of electronica that slips in a bit of new wave and even krautrock and punk funk. Like their past recordings, the music tends to morph into it’s own identity and the same can be said for the trio’s current track. The song was recently played by BBC 6 Music’s Stuart Maconie. You can stream ‘Sex Music’ below. Read more […]

Listen to Fang Night’s ‘Steady Cruising’

Last year, London duo Fang Night released their ‘Artificial’ EP, a great selection of ear-grabbing electronic pop. Returning with a number of tracks coming down the pipeline in 2017, the pair have now shared their latest cut entitled ‘Steady Cruising’. Produced by Oli Bayston of Boxed In, the head-nodding tune is driven by husky synths, tropical drum patterns and slick pop melodies. It looks as if 2017 will be an excellent year from music from the North London band. Have a listen.