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Nowness Presents ‘The History of Nails’ by Gruff Rhys

Teaming up with a number of British and Russian artists to make the long trek from Moscow to Siberia, musician Gruff Rhys documented to the journey in the short film titled ‘The History of Nails’, presented by Nowness. Commissioned by the British Council, Rhys also touches on the history of the Russian Futurist movement as well as the October Revolution.Shot on film, the video captures the idea of pushing forward with no looking back.

‘Fiber Affair’ Directed by Andrea Pecora

Director Andrea Pecora makes takes a look at obsessions in the most eye-catching way in his short ‘Fiber Affair’. Teaming up with Mathery, the film features pastel decorated sets that depicts the lead actors performing random acts such as brushing lint off of their clothing. Flamboyant in a sense, ‘Fiber Affair’ is a set decorators wet dream.

‘The Function of Music’ with Jad Abumrad by Mac Premo

NYC-based Mac Premo sits down with journalist Jad Abumrad to discuss the role of sound in his short film ‘The Function of Music’. Stylistically shot with fun and clever designed coinciding with Jad’s definition of music and the various feelings that it can provoke, this enjoyable piece is a must-watch for those who are fascinated with the topic of sound in general.

The Singularity Series by Alex Chappo

Created by CHAPPO frontman Alex Chappo, ‘The Singularity’ is a six-part animated series which follows the adventures of an astronaut character named Rene Cogito into a trippy journey into a black hole with the intent on saving the world. Quite the entertainment, the music throughout each episode is also provided by NYC band CHAPPO, which is really amazing.

‘Abaddon’ by Rogerio Silva

Director Rogerio Silva depicts the trials and tribulations of a relationship through the art of dance in his short film ‘Abaddon’. Starring choreographers Harriet Waghorn and Troy Savic, intimacy, suffering and rejuvenation are all brilliantly projected in the stunning and captivating work of art.

‘Subway Love’ Video

Director Matthew Freidell and writer Max Stossel create the perfect solution to aimlessly waiting on the subway in New York City on a hot day. Rather than miserably hoping that the train will hurry and arrive, why not actually make eye contact with the person next to you and allow human magic to happen. While this may only be a mere fantasy for those living in NYC, this video entitled ‘Subway Love’ is an amazing depiction of the possibilities.

‘Missing One Player’ by Lei Lei

Chinese artist Lei Lei explores the melancholic side of life in his visually vibrant latest work entitled ‘Missing One’. Shown via Nowness, the lack of storyline in the short film helps to emphasis to the bigger picture which is the general apathy that exists between humans. The title points reference at the game of mahjong, in which commonly four players participate. Three players roam the streets in search of one more, yet finds it difficult task.

In response to his film, Lei Lei told Nowness:

“The lack of sympathy among people has made me feel very strange and sad.”

‘TRANSFORMING’ by Mizuki Kawano and Yuna Takayama

Director Mizuki Kawano and Producer Yuna Takayama share a stunning stopmotion animation video entitled ‘TRANSFORMING’. Using designs by Manicurist Hatsuki Furutan, graphic designers of Taiyokikaku Co., Ltd. create 521 3D artificial nails, which was placed on a female’s hand and shot frame by frame, to produce this brilliant and visually engaging video. It should be noted that no computer graphics were used. TRANSFORMING from TRANSFORMING on Vimeo. Read more […]

Jess Staple Talks to Artist Hueman

For his latest 1-2-1 episode, Jeff Staple sits down with artist Allison T., better known as Hueman, to discuss her journey from making the leap from a design student with aspirations of owning a successful design studio, to achieving that goal only to transcend into a street artist after being a part of the ‘business’ of design. 1-2-1 w/jeffstaple ft. Hueman from staplepigeon on Vimeo. Read more […]

Belstaff x Mr. Porter “On The Road 2”

Belstaff and Mr. Porter unveil the second edition of their On The Road series featuring Mercedes Benz restoration specialist J.G. Francis, owner of Mercedes Motoring. In this beautifully shot video directed by Cale Glendening, Francis drives a 1973 250C CoupĂ© through the beautiful landscape of the Mojave Desert. BELSTAFF X MR PORTER : ON THE ROAD 2 from Cale Glendening on Vimeo. Read more […]