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‘The Function of Music’ with Jad Abumrad by Mac Premo

NYC-based Mac Premo sits down with journalist Jad Abumrad to discuss the role of sound in his short film ‘The Function of Music’. Stylistically shot with fun and clever designed coinciding with Jad’s definition of music and the various feelings that it can provoke, this enjoyable piece is a must-watch for those who are fascinated with the topic of sound in general.

‘Subway Love’ Video

Director Matthew Freidell and writer Max Stossel create the perfect solution to aimlessly waiting on the subway in New York City on a hot day. Rather than miserably hoping that the train will hurry and arrive, why not actually make eye contact with the person next to you and allow human magic to happen. While this may only be a mere fantasy for those living in NYC, this video entitled ‘Subway Love’ is an amazing depiction of the possibilities.

Escapade: A Parisian Love Affair

If there is anyone who can present all things beautiful in one sitting, is director Martial Schmeltz. In his short film “Escapade: A Parisian Love Affair”, Schmeltz portrays two lovers’ chasing game amidst the stunning interiors of Pierre Frey. The film highlights the classic beauty of Paris. The clip is presented by Nowness. Escapade: A Parisian Love Affair on Read more […]

Industrial Facility’s Sam Hecht & Kim Colin

Herman Miller speaks with architect Kim Colin and industrial designer Sam Hecht about the teams sleek yet minimal products that range from the mobile cabinet to the Enchord desk. Visit the Industrial Facility website for a list of products. Learn more about Herman Miller’s “Why Design” series at their official website. Spotted via: Swiss Miss Read more […]