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Caretaker’s ‘Swallow’ is an Energetic Ride of Art Rock

Brooklyn-based band Caretaker make their debut with a monster of a single titled ‘Swallow’. Pumped by post-punk instrumentation, the energetic and theatrical cut is led by the powerhouse vocals of front woman Erin Pellnat. Definitely a thrilling rollercoaster ride of sound, Caretaker are definitely a band to keep watch on.

Touching on the track, Erin Pellnat wrote:

“‘Swallow’ is a song about being trapped in a relationship (or any situation, really) where someone is successful in convincing you that you are constantly wrong. This gets to the point where you believe everything they say, gladly taking punishment and abuse from them and wrongfully accepting that you deserve it. You know that you would feel completely contented and sane if you just cut ties so that their influence can disappear and you can set yourself free.”

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