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Benjamin Clementine Unveils His New Track ‘Jupiter’

Benjamin Clementine is one of the most needed artists in music at the moment. The 2015 Mercury Prize-winning singer and pianist have amazed the world with his melancholic brand of modern classical fused with vivid storytelling more in line with French masters of the past.

With his second LP I Tell A Fly out September 15th, the North London-raised musician has unveiled his new single titled ‘Jupiter’. The song follows his previously released cuts ‘Phantom Of Aleppoville’ and ‘God Save The Jungle’. Inspired by his observations of the state of America whilst touring, ‘Jupiter’ is a keen window into the quite turbulent times that the United States is currently moving through.

Regarding the single, Benjamin Clementine stated:

“Seeing my visa just opened everything for me. Saying ‘Jupiter’ for me was like saying ‘Europa’, or ‘England’, or ‘Edmonton’. Me wandering around in America…there was Trump and Clinton, there was the Orlando attack, the New Orleans attack – here I was thinking I was living in a safe place, but nothing was really safe any more, or ever. It’s a poke at people being called aliens by some people, like we’re from another planet. I think we’re all forever aliens.”

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