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Benjamin Clementine ‘Jupiter’ Video

London artisan Benjamin Clementine explores the American south west in his video ‘Jupiter’. Directed by Lola Schnabel and shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Clementine dances among the lush, mountainous landscape whilst swinging an American flag. He also does things like visit a fair, all the while flamboyantly dressed and delving into the idea of Americana. The song is taken from his critically-praised second LP I Tell A Fly. Have a look.

Regarding the song itself, Benjamin Clementine said:

“Saying ‘Jupiter’ for me was like saying ‘Europa’, or ‘England’, or ‘Edmonton’. Wandering around in America, there was Trump and Clinton, there was the Orlando attack, the New Orleans attack – here I was thinking I was living in a safe place, but nothing was really safe anymore, or ever. It’s a poke at people being called aliens by some people, like we’re from another planet. I think we’re all forever aliens.”

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