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Bassboy Releases ‘Bassline Collection Vol 2’

It’s almost hard to believe that 10 years ago the sounds of bassline producers were literally being played on on mainstream radio, featured on Ministry Of Sound compilations and the whole nine. At that point having been reincarnated for the second time, the sound which originally picked up after the 90s style of speed garage and had it’s origins in the Sheffield nightclub Niche, took the UK by storm.

Birmingham producer Bassboy was among the producers and DJs pumping out some of the hottest tracks throughout the 2000s run. With a slew of artists on his CV including the likes of Skepta, Bassboy has returned with a new compilation titled Bassline Collection Vol 2. A hybrid of bassline and UKG tunes spanning over a decade, the LP includes his classic track ‘So Sorry’ which completely set the raves on fire. Bassline Collection Vol 2 is out via Rebearth Records.

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